Why Block Education With Loans?

Clouds is an understatement.

...clouds remain. Student debt delinquencies continue to worsen even as delinquency rates in other loan types improve. One in 6 student debt borrowers are at least 90 days behind on their payments. And more than 2 out of 5 borrowers either saw their balance increase or stay the same, according to Donghoon Lee, a senior economist at the New York Fed.

via Americans take on more debt « Bankrate, Inc..

Why Block Education With Loans?Why do we have an economic set-up where a few gain interest from students forced into debt in order to get a higher education when a more highly educated population is a national asset? Why in the world doesn't the US treat college education as it treats secondary education (high school) by simply paying for educating everyone at the college level who can do the work? It has made zero sense to me for as long as I can remember that we block people from higher education so others may further enrich themselves at the nation's expense (loss due to a lesser-educated public).

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