US Sen. Rob Portman Caves In On Homosex

Some people call males sodomizing each other evolutionary (Portman reversal highlights GOP generational split - Sen. Rob Portman Caves In On HomosexOthers call it an anthropological throwback and dangerous for children. I'm with the latter on it.

If this Senator can't still tell his son that taking it up his rectum is wrong, that sodomizing another male is wrong, that sucking another males penis is a mistake, then no wonder the US is going to Hell in a hand basket. This is the slippery slope; and if the current direction continues at the rate it is, it won't be but a generation before pedophilia is fully embraced by the majority and regardless of the protestations of the current generation that it will never happen. When I was young, what's happening now was never going to happen. Give them an inch, and they take a mile.

See also: SB 1172 Can't Withstand Plain, Logical Scrutiny (SB 1172: Ban on Homosexual-Conversion Therapy for Minors)

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