Embracing So-Called "Marriage Equality": Sin

My reply to a pro-homosexual marriage comment:

He told the adulteress to go and sin no more! What makes you think he can be inconsistent about homosex? How do you say that I am wrong to tell homosexuals to repent and to sin no more, to never engage in homosex again? If I can't say that, then Jesus was wrong to tell the adulteress to go and sin no more. He wasn't wrong. Neither am I wrong in what I say to homosexuals about not engaging in homosex.

Why is homosexuality a sin? That's the important question. It is considered a sin, as adultery is considered a sin, for good reasons. The secular law is supposed to be based upon good reasons. How many good reasons do we overlook so that some, many, may engage in anarchistic behavior dragging down the whole of society?

There is absolutely nothing conservative about homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is anarchistic, which is anti-good government, anti-proper self-government -- a lack of proper self-control, harmful, damaging, shortsighted, the slippery slope.... There is nothing wrong with being bigoted against it. There is nothing wrong with discriminating against it, anymore than there is anything wrong with discriminating against adultery and a whole host of other anti-societal-health behaviors.

via Not Just Hillary Clinton: Why So Many Republicans Are Embracing Marriage Equality | The Nation.

Someone on that article on The Nation said of my statement that "...what you're saying is that you are unable to follow Jesus' example and accept (not tolerate, accept) those who are different from you."

I replied:

Jesus was bigoted and discriminated. What you appear to be doing is reading in one connotation (one context) where I am using another.

Did Jesus "tolerate" or "accept" homosexuals? It depends upon the connotations being used.

I both do and don't tolerate and/or accept homosexuals. I don't accept homosexuality as proper. At the same time, I am not ignorant about genetic and epigenetic and environmental issues.

Those who cave into adultery no doubt are more predisposed also depending upon the level of pressure or environmental factors. That doesn't make committing adultery proper. That's how it is for behavior.

I'm saying that homosexual marriage is an error.

I'm not forcing anyone any more than Jesus forced anyone. He didn't stone the woman. I'm not stoning homosexuals (though I've had homosexuals say to me that they will be glad when I'm tortured for being anti-homosexuality).

Homosexuality is not enlightened. Saying that there is nothing wrong with it is not enlightened but the opposite.

I don't want children to be mis-taught about it, to be given half-truths about it. https://www.thenation.com/article/not-just-hillary-clinton-why-so-many-republicans-are-embracing-marriage-equality/#comment-838122891

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