"Transgender" "Bathroom Bill" Passes In Canada

So far, it appears the following concerns were blown off:

"Transgender" "Bathroom Bill" Passes In CanadaShortly before Wednesday's vote, Calgary MP Rob Anders tabled a petition "on behalf of thousands" of Canadians opposed to what he called "the bathroom bill."

"These constituents feel that it is the duty of the House of Commons to protect and safeguard our children from any exposure and harm that would come from giving a man access to women's public washroom facilities," Anders said.

via Transgender 'bathroom bill' passes with crucial support of 16 Tories | Canadian Politics | Canada | News | National Post.

Just wait for the first horror story. It would also appear that restrooms may have to become one-holers each and unisex except for the rooms with one urinal only. So, rather than male v. female restrooms, they'd be sit or stand. Oh well.

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