Fed Printing?

Arthur Cutten:

Fed Printing?...M2 and MZM are lagging in their rate of increase. But as every economist knows, there is a lag in the transmission of an expansion of the monetary base and the time in which that appears in the broader measures. The Fed has written many papers on this lag. And it is true, especially where the Velocity of Money is sluggish and declining, as has been the case of the US, where Velocity has been declining for many years, as hot money sought the high returns of paper asset speculation and gravitates towards certain sectors like tech start ups and housing that can be exploited.

Why don't more economists push for a reform of the financial system, a return to a commercial, utilitarian banking sector, and an end to subsidies for Wall Street Banks? Jesse's Café Américain: The Fed Is Printing Money, But Where Is It Going? They Know But Will Not Say.

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