North Dakota Lawmakers Move to Outlaw Abortion

What do I believe?

Human life begins at conception. If you take that life away, you've taken human life. Abortion certainly isn't always done even supposedly for the sake of protecting a woman's health, and far from all babies in the womb have defects that could even be debatable as to whether those defects would render those babies better off dead.

Is the issue "easy"? It is difficult for either side to understand the other. No human being here and now has a monopoly on all the truth. None of us is wholly God yet. None of us has totally joined God yet: perfected.

What I know is wrong is abortion on demand just because the woman takes sex and becoming pregnant as nothing.

Does God abort life in the womb? Death certainly does.

What would the world be like were the spirit of humanity wholly holy? What is death? Why are there spirits in humanity that don't want to be holy? What are they?

Now read this with all of that emotion in mind:N.D. lawmakers define start of life, outlaw abortion N.D. lawmakers define start of life, outlaw abortion.

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