Official Pro-Homosexual, Professional Fascists Attack French Traditional-Marriage Rally

In France, the pro-homosexuality fascists unleashed their goon squad on anti-homosexual marriage/adoption protesters marching as a group numbering over a million onto the Champs Elysees.Official Pro-Homosexual, Professional Fascists Attack French Traditional-Marriage Rally

Meanwhile, others gathered in London in solidarity with those protesting in France. In London, Damien Fournier Montgieux had this to say about homosexual marriage and adoption, etc.:

It is children and the future generations that will suffer most as a result of these unjust changes. I believe that gay people's request is sincere but children's rights and freedoms are too often forgotten in this debate about the rights of adults. Traditional marriage supporters rally in Trafalgar Square | Christian News on Christian Today.

Well, truth be told, it is a mistake to say in a blanket fashion that the homosexuals' requests are sincere. In fact, many homosexuals have been extremely deceptive.

Here's a recent tweet of mine:

You thought we were the ones who were lying that homosexual marriage was the slippery slope? Bottomless pit:

Look at how deceptive that was. Consider the source. If they were deceptive then about that, what makes you think they aren't still liars and about other things?

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