On: "There's no match for Angela 'Merkiavelli' - Telegraph"

Now, here's a statement that doesn't understand that what appears to him, Charles Moore, to be working now will fall on its face and be recorded in history as failure.

On: "There's no match for Angela 'Merkiavelli' - Telegraph"...Merkiavelli has not merely issued orders to the other member states, she has ensured that the German culture of "stability" in economic affairs is the orthodoxy of the age. True, there is not, as yet, a single example of German-style austerity policies actually working in the southern countries on whom it has been inflicted, but that hardly seems to matter in the terms of power politics.

via There's no match for Angela 'Merkiavelli' - Telegraph.

Angela Merkel is not being brilliant but weak. She's being weak because she doesn't understand macroeconomics and how to put the whole of Europe on a sound footing nearly overnight without the German people losing a penny.

See: How to Fix the Economy.

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