Annabran Religion: Not a Christian Testament

I received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn from one, Mandy Maree, "Official Publicist and Contact at Annabran Religion." I responded with the following:

"The Annabran religion is the one foretold by a range of prophecies to be in the world from the year 2012." There has never been any such prophecy in authentic Christianity. For anyone to say that "The Annabran Documents is the Third Testament of Christianity" is simply to speak falsely. Christianity is not a gateway to a new religion. Don't be misled by pantheism. Jesus Christ was not and is not a pantheist. If all is God, then how is there evil?

"And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand." (Mark 3:24) That is an anti-pantheism statement. That statement comes from Jesus Christ, who defines Christianity. It is opposed to the Annabran Religion.

May God bless you with the truth of Jesus Christ.

Source of quotes on the "Annabran Religion."

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