A Must Read: "The Austerity Delusion | Foreign Affairs"

The two closing paragraphs of "The Austerity Delusion: Why a Bad Idea Won Over the West," by Mark Blyth. Foreign Affairs. May/June 2013:

A Must Read: "The Austerity Delusion | Foreign Affairs"Those of a Schumpeterian persuasion might counter that even if government spending were cost-free, the true source of growth would still be private innovation. But as the venture capitalist William Janeway explains in his recent book, Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy, what makes what Schumpeter termed "creative destruction" possible is what he calls "Keynesian waste." The U.S. aerospace industry could never have been born without massive government defense spending; recent innovations in biotechnology owe their existence to the National Institutes of Health; even the Internet was a byproduct of government research. The raw material for innovation and growth often comes from government, not private, spending.

If the United States adopted austerity, the inability of the government to generate Keynesian waste would undermine the country's ability to grow. Cut away the state, especially at a moment when other countries around the world are busy slashing their way to prosperity, and Americans will end up much worse off than they could ever have imagined. But don't take it on faith. Just ask the Europeans how it has been working out for them. The Austerity Delusion | Foreign Affairs.

The article is simply packed with highly relevant economic history.

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