Seemingly Irrefutable Proof: Boston Marathon False-Flag Operation

Updated: 12:25 AM (PDT)
May 26, 2013
Time in Seattle, WA, USA

Watch the video from 1:28 to 1:59. The full video is below.

They announced that there would be a controlled explosion; but if that's not been reported correctly, pay attention to the next part where the backpacks on the two alleged terrorist brothers (the Tsarnaev brothers) don't have the white square on them that's on the bombed backpack. They also aren't the same color as the bombed (blown-up) backpack.

However, the backpack on the apparent Craft International mercenary contractor (which backpack he reportedly didn't have on after the explosion) does have that symbol and is the same color!

(UPDATE: According to this site's blog post, "The Boston Bombings - From Russia with 'Love'?," the Craft International mercenary contractors were actually from what that article calls the "Civil Support Team or CST." However, that blog post doesn't address the backpack, which backpack is the most important unaddressed issue. If someone (I don't care if that someone comes from Craft or the CST) will point to some thorough, intelligent investigation about it, whether it refutes or supports the RT theory, I, for one, would appreciate it.)

(UPDATE: According to "CONFIRMED: Identity of the Men In Black and Khaki Uniforms at the Boston Marathon Bombings," Daily Paul Liberty Forum, this Washington Times Communities post, "Confusion for Boston Marathon reponsders," proves that the "Craft" people were really from the "Massachusetts National Guard 1st CST.")

The part I don't yet understand is the image at 1:42 where the mercenaries are shown where the bomb went off but also across the way and both still appear to have backpacks once across the way, one similar to the one that blew up. The moderator/reporter, Daniel Bushell, said, "After the explosion, the Craft backpack is missing."

We must have more details on the sequence of events explaining/showing which backpack is missing and exactly when it started going missing in the various videos/stills of the event (which Craft mercenary had one and then didn't) because it isn't clear in the video.

Look at the following image from the RT video. It seems obvious. I can't imagine that RT could possibly have the images wrong.


At the very least, those brothers did not do the bombing the way the government is claiming they did if the images are to be believed and if the brothers did not go to extremely elaborate plans to make it appear that Craft International personnel had done it (framing Craft). How likely is it that they would have planned to frame Craft, to know that Craft personnel would be there, etc., with that exact type of backpack...? Anyone that detailed would have realized all about the surveillance capabilities of the federal and other governments and that they would be spotted and identified throughout. They would know that they were being watched during the entire lead-up period as well. Afterall, look where they had traveled. Look at the places on the Internet they are claimed to have visited, etc. Look at the fact that the FBI had made clear that the FBI was watching them.

Has the mainstream media confronted the government concerning this? If so, what was the government's response? If the government didn't give a complete and satisfactory explanation (how could it if it maintained that one of the brothers placed the backpack shown in the RT video image?), what did the mainstream media do? Did it rollover and play dead, or did it press the government via front-page headlines until getting to the bottom of it and forcing the cleanup of government, as it should? We know that so far it hasn't done the right thing, hasn't done any real investigative, brave reporting on this.

Here's the full video:

The Truthseeker: Boston Bombing - What You Aren't Told (E14) - YouTube.

Unlike with the 9/11 Commission, there needs to be an independent, thorough, no-holds-barred investigation. The people in the government (federal, state, and local) behind this need to be removed from office from top to bottom! Everyone who had knowledge before, during, or after who has been covering it up needs to be fully prosecuted. I leave the decision on punishment to others.

It isn't government, per se, that's bad. It's bad government that's bad. Good government cleans up bad government. We need good government! That's what's missing. We need good reporting so we may obtain good government, reformed government, clean government. Right now, we have corrupt, rogue, illegal government and bad reporting.

We are under a plutocratic kleptocracy. We do not have true democracy! We do not have a republic! We have a shameful sham; and what's more, Barack Obama knows it full well and is helping to perpetuate it for his personal gain and the gain of his offspring at the direct negative expense of hundreds of millions of others.

Now, consider all of the above while considering the following:

Investigators believe Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev built pressure-cooker bombs while watching his 3-year-old daughter at his Cambridge apartment, and that his wife was out working when most of them were assembled, a federal law enforcement source said. Source: Tamerlan Tsarnaev built bombs while caring for 3-year-old daughter at home

If he had been set up by criminal elements within government, then it would be an easy matter for those criminals to fabricate evidence against him. However, there is also this from the article on Newsday:

Forensic tests by FBI explosives experts have detected residue from explosives in the bathtub and kitchen sink in the couple's apartment, the source said.

The results, according to the source, appear to corroborate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's statements to federal investigators that the brothers built the bombs in the apartment.

He has told investigators that he and his older brother learned to make the pressure-cooker bombs from instructions in Inspire.

How then does Dzhokhar explain the backpack images? If he can't do that and do it in a way that completely jibes with the stills and videos, what are we to conclude? We certainly couldn't conclude "case closed" that his brother and he were acting without criminal governmental elements within the US.

I retain an open mind about these matters, but I would say to anyone that just accepting official governmental versions is not justified. There is more than ample historical evidence to suspect foul play by sociopaths and dupes and minions of the power elite running the American/Global Empire.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged in Boston Marathon bombings


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