US Sen. Rand Paul: Really Same Old, Same Old

So, Rand Paul is a Zionist (Jewish supremacism in Palestine; and more) but not a Neocon (global, imperial, violent revolutionary). How interesting. It's not news. He's also a social conservative with some libertarian leanings. That's not news either.

Why is this being held out as some change or revelation? The linked article is pretty consistent with how he's talked all along that I can tell.

He's becoming more polished in his ability to walk the tightrope that politicians do; but otherwise, I think he's still the Rand Paul who ran for the US Senate.Sen. Rand Paul aggressively courting evangelicals to win over GOP establishment - The Washington Post

I'll tell you what's really interesting about this though is that it's opening up the Libertarians as nothing else. Sen. Rand Paul aggressively courting evangelicals to win over GOP establishment - The Washington Post.

The criticisms of Rand Paul are revealing the "hyper-Libertarians" to be the mainstream Libertarians. They really are pro-homosex! Frankly, the more I learn, the more I realize that the differences between hardline Anarchists and Libertarians is over their choice of weapons, bombs versus automatic assault rifles, and their love of gold. On the sexual front, there's hardly a hair's breadth. On hard drugs (and soft), they probably supply each other more than anyone on the outside has ever suspected.

This really isn't news to me. Time has simply been solidifying what I've been thinking for decades. The so-called Hippy Era's music culture was loaded with many more Libertarians than the leftists in the audiences ever knew at the time. There was a great deal more Satanic crap around than is generally discussed too.

Well, I'm a social conservative but anti-coercive. Therefore, I don't vote for the coercive government to punish people. That makes me a rare breed of one, I know of anyway. Are they're any others out there like me? Hello? The echo has been deafening for years and years.

Oh well, at least I know that, that doesn't make me wrong. Few there be who find it (Heaven) is what Jesus said.

I know he was a social conservative and showed complete restraint when it came to coercing others. He hasn't changed. He's not coming back changed. He only taught what the real consequences of deviating from his path that deviants would face.

No, he existed and still does; and no, I don't have to prove it to you. It's too bad that truth is too much for so many.

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