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The video below is of a speech by the President of NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) on what NARTH does and doesn't officially believe. I'm blogging about it because I had an extremely difficult time finding out just that: where NARTH officially stands on a whole host of issues but a couple in particular, one being whether or not NARTH has as its official position that homosexuality is a mental disorder. You may read about that struggle here: "NARTH's Stance: Answer/Solution Homosexuality" and here: "Where NARTH Stands and What Must Be Done: "Gay," Homosexual Culture."

Before you proceed to the video, I'd like to add to the "debate/controversy" not for the sake of sensationalizing or drumming up blog Internet traffic but rather to continue to encourage NARTH to heighten its clarifications.

On the issue of "pray away the gay": Dr. Christopher Rosik makes a simple declaration in his speech that NARTH does not believe that one may "pray away the gay." The problem here is that prayer is given short shrift. Praying away homosexuality is not necessarily as waiving a magic wand by or over one who has no depth of spirit (the softened heart; the Holy Spirit of the whole truth, God of Jesus Christ). Also, such depth of spirit is not evenly distributed within believers from one to the next. Two different people can have great depth that manifests in completely different areas of their respective lives. The degree and type of temptation and the struggle to overcome given temptations do differ from one person to the next. Where one will be greatly aided and even instantly by Christian prayer concerning homosexuality, another person of equal or greater Christian spirituality will struggle more and longer with the same issue. None of us is identical to the next until we are all fully one with God, as God and Jesus are one. So it is with these understandings that I take some exception to Christopher Rosik's short treatment of the issue.

I understand that he's addressing a large audience, many without the patience to develop definitions of terms such as "pray" or "prayer." Contrary to Christopher Rosik's and NARTH's statement, it is possible to pray away homosexuality when prayer is fully understood and fully done within the whole life style that is Christianity.

The next term is "choice." The same constructive criticism applies as with "pray." Homosexuality is a choice when that term is not overly confined. Given enough choices, I believe there is no person who inherently cannot change from homosexuality. There are many choices that are lacking due to bad societal prejudices leaning way toward anarchism (societal amorality).

Those things said, let me add that otherwise, I agree with NARTH and Dr. Rosik on the issues he presented.

NARTH Overview - YouTube.

Please also see: "Research Pertinent to the Boy Scouts of America Policy Change Debate": A National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality White Paper, by Michelle Cretella, M.D. and David C. Pruden, M.S.

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