Systematic Crackdown on OWS (Occupy Movement)?

Do you remember the "debate" about whether the US government and Obama administration along with state and local governments were coordinating efforts to suppress the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Here's what I wrote at the time: "#ows Re: DHS, Congressional economic-incentive for Occupy crackdowns: Naomi Wolf v. Joshua Holland." You should also look at the comment section there too.

Systematic Crackdown on OWS (Occupy Movement)?

Eric Holder

Now, check out what Matt Rothschild, Editor and Publisher, The Progressive magazine, had to say recently about the systematic crackdown on Occupy at 2:27 of the following video (watch the whole thing though to get the full context concerning his thinking):

Head over to the full article and listen to/watch both videos: Eric Holder Should Resign Over Spying, Editor of The Progressive Says - Truthdig.

Understand that those Fusion Centers were known about when Naomi Wolf was first leveling her charges against the Obama administration. That's why I agreed with her at the time and still do about that nation-wide crackdown.

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