Homo-Fascism vs. the First Amendment

by Scott Lively, Scott Lively Ministries:

Homo-Fascism is a form of extreme left-wing radicalism which attempts to establish rigid totalitarian controls over public discussions and policies addressing sexual morality, and to punish or suppress all disapproval of homosexuality and related sexual behaviors. Homo-fascism emerged as a socio-political phenomenon with the June 28, 1969 Stonewall Riot in New York City, which is today celebrated annually by the homosexual movement as "Gay Pride Day." Stonewall represented a shift in goals for the "gays" from tolerance ("the right to be left alone") to control (the complete restructuring of society with "gays" or their surrogates in all seats of power), and a shift in tactics from civil dialogue to implacable militancy.

While traditional liberalism values the First Amendment freedoms of speech, thought and religion as the highest ideals of civilization, homo-fascists seek to criminalize any exercise of these ideals that are deemed to be a threat to "gay" culture. Present day examples of homo-fascist policies include speech codes in schools and colleges, anti-discrimination regulations in government agencies and private corporations, and de-facto anti-family censorship policies in the news media. Where pro-family speech and other activities are not yet constrained by law, homo-fascists employ bullying and other intimidation tactics to silence opponents and manipulate policy makers, all while posing as victims.

The primary remaining barrier to homo-fascism in America is the FirstAmendment. However, homo-fascist ideology has crept into both the judiciary and regulatory agencies tasked with civil rights enforcement so that in recent years sexual orientation regulations (SORs) are frequently held to trump the FirstAmendment. Following are examples of this dangerous phenomenon:

Homosexual activists often charge the medical establishment (or anybody for that fact) with "homophobia" for reporting the facts that people living the homosexual lifestyle have a much higher prevalence of HIV and other STDs, and yet that same "homophobic" claim is used by the homosexual activists as the basis for their complaint as to why their health issues are being ignored… http://localhost/

14 year old receives death threats for defending traditional/natural marriage…


Supporters of Proposition 8 in California were subjected to harassment, intimidation, vandalism, racial scapegoating, blacklisting, loss of employment, economic hardships, angry protests, violence, at least one death threat, letters mailed with white powder in it https://www.deseretnews.com/article/705262822/Powder-scares-at-2-LDS-temples-Catholic-plant.html, and gross expressions of anti-religious bigotry…

15-year-old Brandon Wegner was reportedly punished for sharing this opinion: Homosexual couples shouldn't be able to adopt."…


A homosexual-"rights" activist is demanding that the new Albany County Executive refuse to hire a lawyer that supports traditional marriage. It appears to be a case of tolerance for anybody who agrees with her, and intolerance for anyone who dares to disagree. And to think the activists accuse us of "bigotry" and "discrimination"…


Edmond police are investigating after a church pastor reported receiving death threats since speaking out against a proposal to add sexual orientation to Oklahoma City's equal employment protections…


Here's the actual recordings of the phone calls made to the pastor…

Student Suspended for Saying Homosexuality is Wrong…

Student Suspended for Saying Homosexuality is Wrong: VIDEO

Here's an LGBT publication desperately and throught the use of non-sequitor arguments trying to convince people that they're not getting the whole story and that the student harassed the teacher for the teacher being homosexual…


Catholic Professor Kenneth Howell Fired for Teaching Natural Law, which includes the topic of homosexual conduct…

Homosexualists, ignoring context, get a Dire Straits song banned in Canada…


A homosexual couple sues Bed & Breakfast, because owners moral beliefs couldn't allow homosexual sex to be engaged in on their property…


Charges Filed as Oklahoma City Pastor Paul Blair Gets Death Threats after Opposing Pro-Homosexual Ordinance…


Police report documenting extensive amount of death threats made by homosexualists during the Prop 8 ordeal…


New Jersey Teacher Suspended for Not Approving of Attempts to Homosexualize Children on her own facebook in her own home (not on the clock)…


Teacher Suspended for Not Approving of Attempts to Homosexualize Children

Prince has stated the he believes that GOD ordained marriage between one man and one woman only. In the following pro-homosexual article, Wendy and Lisa responded with, "Until he calls Lisa and I up and apologizes to us personally, we don't want anything to do with his projects again."

News Political Satire

It's pretty insane that any person would be considered "hateful" and/or should be expected to apologize for stating that they belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, the institution that is solely responsible for bringing life into this world and the survival of society. And again, they (the homosexualists) are the ones preaching "tolerance" the most, but show it the least.

This short documentary covers FIREs case at Missouri State University, where social work student Emily Brooker was threatened with expulsion after she refused (as a matter of personal belief) to send a signed letter to the Missouri state legislature in favor of homosexual foster parenting and adoption. This violation resulted not only in a federal lawsuit (which the school settled) but also in an official report that found that a culture of intimidation rife in the schools School of Social Work. For instance, many students and faculty stated a fear of voicing differing opinions from the instructor or colleague, and bullying was used by both students and faculty to characterize specific faculty. The 12-minute documentary features interviews with Brooker, faculty at MSU involved in the case, and Missouri state legislator Jane Cunningham….

Macy's Fires Employee for Protecting Women's Dressing Rooms from Cross-dresser…

Grad student at Augusta State University who sued the school over a clash between her grad program requirements and her religious beliefs on homosexual behavior. The college required her to complete a remediation program or face expulsion for her anti-homosexuality beliefs. University wants her to change 'biblical views' on homosexual behavior…

Counseling Student Appeals Ruling Expelling Her For Christian Ethical Views

In a Mexican case, Fr. Hugo Valdemar was found guilty on July 1st of illegal political activity because he stated that Catholics should not vote for candidates who support same-sex marriage. Fr. Valdemar's defense is that he wasn't speaking against a particular party but was merely stating the teaching of the Catholic Church. But the particulars of charge and counter-charge do not make a great deal of difference, apart from the strategies they suggest for legal maneuvering. There have been many similar stories over the past few years from around the world, especially in Canada and Europe. The writing is on the wall. Homosexual marriage is the lie that will create the next Gulag...


ACLU Sues 'Family-Friendly' Inn for Refusing to Host Lesbian Wedding Reception

Questioning Sex-Change Surgery Gets You Silenced…


Crystal Dixon loses her job at University of Toledo for writing a piece to express the faulty comparison between homosexuality and race/skin color…


Homosexual manager at Cisco Systems gets Dr. Frank Turek fired…

Gay manager at Cisco Systems gets Dr. Frank Turek fired

Allstate Fired Manager for Christian Beliefs on Homosexuality…


A Swedish pastor who preached a sermon on the Biblical prohibitions against homosexual behavior is waiting to see if the Supreme Court of Sweden will send him to jail for six months for doing so…

Chick-fil-A and homosexual intolerance….

A Christian street preacher was arrested and locked in a cell for telling a passer-by that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of GOD…


Lexington, Mass., father of 6-year-old arrested, spends night in jail over objections to homosexual curriculum in son's kindergarten class. Homosexuals invading a church and throwing condoms all over the place…



Catholic mom-blogger threatened by pro-homosexual 'Catholic' students…


Homosexual Activists Are Exploiting Tragedies to Silence Religious Opponents…

Even More Anti-Christian Bigotry…


The calls for Melanie Phillips to be killed this week prove the bedrock values of our society are in grave danger…


State Sen. Ruben Diaz & family hit with death threats over stance on same sex "marriage" issue…


Activist Groups, Unable to Silence NARTH's Message, Resort to Attacking NARTH Members. Protesters of the 2009 NARTH convention announced a new strategy: attacking the messengers rather than the message. In a video posted on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lDL4QAu0qc), a journalism student leading the November protest shouted into a megaphone that they had been unsuccessful in stopping the work of NARTH through counter conventions, so they would instead begin to target the individual members of NARTH. Following these threats, there have indeed been attempts to discredit both NARTH members as well as non-members who do similar work. In one recent report from England, a journalist posed as a client seeking help for unwanted homosexual attractions. He set up two unsuspecting therapists, claiming to want help from them, secretly recorded their conversations, and then contacted their professional organizations to seek action against them. That same journalist is reportedly assisting others to disrupt and discredit an event in Ireland this week. In another report, activist groups investigated the background of a NARTH board member in order to publicize his past wrongdoing in an attempt to discredit the organization.

NARTH does not rise or fall based on the actions of individuals. NARTH is a scientific organization upholding the research behind the issue of homosexuality and defending the rights of clients to seek therapy for unwanted homosexual attractions. NARTH is not responsible for the actions of its members, nor do the actions of NARTH members change the scientific data. The research stands regardless of the attacks launched by activists who are avoiding the data by focusing on individuals. Emotionally based campaigns and character assassinations do not change the research, nor do they diminish the right of clients to pursue their personal goals. NARTH will continue its mission as a scientific organization despite the propaganda, and the research will continue to speak for itself.

eharmony sued for not including same sex couple options….

Apple, who boasts about their diversity, can't seem to show the same towards former homosexuals. Exodus App removed…

Apple is OK with Grindr gay hook-up app, but not OK with Gay Cure app

Smith College, who started the kicks off Speaker Ryan Sorba for his "born gay hoax" presentation. Get this. Smith College is noted for the "Lesbians Until Graduation" sentiment, which means you can be lesbian during college and can go back to whatever you want after you graduate. Yet, they kicked Ryan Sorba off because his presentation that disputes the "born gay" theory is "bigoted" and "hateful"…

Owner says Prop 8 opponents hacked into LDS site…


Jose Nunez, 37, received 16 stitches after pro-gay-marriage protesters beat him when he tried to hand out pro-prop-8 signs at his church. Only WND and local religious media are reporting it…


Death threats/wishes on Mormons right from pro-homosexual publication San Francisco Chronicle (Imagine if Mormons wrote this stuff directed at homosexual activists)…



Carrie Prejean harassed by homosexual activist (Perez Hilton) for expressing the Biblical view of marriage…

Mississippi school sued by ACLU for canceling prom over lesbian couple attended after memorandum from the school given to students, dated February 5, which states that prom dates must be of the opposite sex…

Teen entrenched in open homosexuality sues to force school to hold prom…


Pro-Christian and pro-family groups labeled as "hate" groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center…


(See other doc titled "SPLC" for more info on their tactics)

Firefighters forced to attend "gay" pride parade where they endured a barrage of sexual taunts and lewd gestures…

Firemen sue after being sent to gay pride parade

A Christian couple opposed to homosexual behavior because of their faith, lost a court battle on Monday over the right to become foster parents…


From NARTH Asks Wikipedia to Permit the Group to Correct Inaccuracies On Site, published Mar 19, 2007, by NARTH:

NARTH President Joseph Nicolosi sent a letter of concern to Wikipedia today asking that a lesbian activist be prohibited from editing the content of the article about NARTH. The NARTH Editorial Director recently attempted to make corrections to several errors about the organization on Wikipedia. However, the corrections were changed immediately and the misinformation was reposted. The editorial director discovered that the changes were made by a lesbian activist who routinely edits articles dealing with LBGT issues.

The letter to Wikipedia is reprinted below:

Corrections Needed On Wikipedia Article On The

National Association For Research And Therapy of Homosexuality

March 2007

Dear Wikipedia reviewer:

It was brought to our attention recently that your article about the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) has numerous factual errors in it regarding us.

In an attempt to correct this misinformation, our editorial director Mike Hatfield attempted to make corrections to the article. He attempted this two times. Each time he made the corrections, they were immediately changed back by someone else.

In investigating who was making the changes, he found the name of Joie de Vivre, who is a lesbian socio-political activist and a member of the WikiProject LGBT studies. The WikiProject site describes itself as "a group of editors who aim to improve the general quality and range of Wikipedia articles on LGBT and Queer studies topics."

Vivre says –with obvious pride!– on her Wikipedia web site that she regularly changes the wording and rewrites articles dealing with gay and lesbian issues. It is dangerous for your credibility to have political activists slanting articles to fit their own political objectives.

NARTH must have the right to post corrections to an article about itself without having a lesbian activist vandalize the site by reposting inaccurate or distorted statements about the history and goals of NARTH.

We insist that Vivre be prohibited from making future changes on the NARTH site – and that whatever corrections NARTH chooses to post on the site will remain there without being deleted by other anti-NARTH activists.

There can certainly be disagreements about the purpose of NARTH, but to have a lesbian activist defining what NARTH is or is not is unethical and unprofessional. Every organization has the unqualified right to have its mission accurately described in Wikipedia.

The credibility of your online service is gravely jeopardized if you have activists regularly posting inaccuracies on web sites dealing with gay and lesbian issues.

We ask that you permanently ban Joie de Vivre from changing content on the NARTH site and ban any further individuals from posting things that are false or misleading on this site. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.



Mexico City authorities say they have been forced to close the last cars on five different subway lines during late night service because homosexuals have "taken over" the cars to engage in sex acts…


A Christian photographer in New Mexico was found guilty last week of breaking state law for refusing to take pictures of a lesbian ceremony, as if it's a civil right to have your picture taken by somebody of your choice…


The Catholic Diocese of Rockford, IL announced the closing of their adoption agencies last week, forced out of service due to new legislation that would oblige them to service homosexual couples…

There's a homosexual nightclub in Tampa called the HoneyPot that has one night open for us who have a preference for the opposite sex. Imagine what would happen if a regular night club advertised that they only allow homosexuals in 1 night a week? Now also take note that this same homosexual nightclub says if you identify as straight and you want to come in there on any other night, you can as long as you're accompanied by a homosexual. This is of course is to perpetuate the idea that they are trying to provide safety for the homosexuals in the club from a bunch of "heterosexual discriminators" going in there to harass them. Another words, if you don't engage in homosexuality or at least aren't considering it, then you are guilty before proven innocent. And thus we have homofascism. I think a heterosexual owns it, and he can do what he wants with his club. But I think we need to point out the double standards that reveals homofascism…

Here's a self-admitted left-wing homosexual journalist on left-wing site who admits that there has always been a link between homosexual behavior and fascism...


Homosexual activist "leader" of the so-called "It Gets Better" Campaign conducted an act of hate (germ warfare) on a Republican candidate Gary Bauer for his view on same sex "marriage"…


Christians aggressively being run out of Castro district…

Old lady gets cross taken out of her hands, thrown to the ground and trampled on..

Street Preacher in Britian gets arrested…

Homosexual activists publicly publish names of Prop 8 donors.

gay marriage advocates published the names of those who contributed to "Yes on 8," hounding one man out of his job and steering business away from one restaurant because one employee supported the campaign…

Homosexual activists call for a boycott of donations to Salvation Army…

They even have created a facebook page for it, and take a look at the comments made by the homosexualists throughout the page…


This is likened to say pro-alcoholic activists calling for a ban on organizations that help the homeless, but at the same time require them to make efforts to stop drinking. Why would the Salvation help homeless people while accepting their homosexual behavior when (like alcoholism), homosexual conduct is directly associated to the spread of much higher levels of physical and mental health problems. (see "Medical Data" doc)

Michele Bachmann trying to get her photo op with a woman's 8 year old son. It's hard to hear. but he leans in and tells Bachmann that his mom is gay and she doesn't need fixing. She exploits her child and puts him in an obviously uncomfortable position just because she can't handle it if others disagree with homosexual behavior. Any adult that would use a child like this DOES need fixing….

Macy's fired a woman for not letting a crossdresser use the women's dressing room…

Bricks including threatening note thrown through window at Christian Liberation Academy by homosexual activists…



There shouldn't be a MANDATORY student activity fee that goes into any group. People who form groups (faith-based or otherwise) should be responsible for their own fundraising, and others who are paying school tuition, should have a choice as far as what group or groups are receiving their money. The problem that may occur here now, is that the school may take away this automatic funding funnel for this Christian group while keeping this funnel for all the other school groups, which would be discriminatory. Also, as a Christian group, they have every right to require their members to uphold Biblical truth if they want to be and remain a member. Let me translate the Christian groups statement in the last sentence of the article: they are not firing people for experiencing same sex attraction as long as they realize that acting on it and affirming it is not Biblical truth. Obviously, if this student is in a homosexual relationship, he is picking and choosing Scripture that he likes and/or ignores or twists the ones he doesn't like (as displayed with so-called "gay theology")…

An overview...

Is history repeating itself in some way, shape, or form?...


Looks like it has...

Removal of Homosexuality

Attack on Christianity?…

This example made not fall under the category of homofascism. But what it does point out is the double standard. Here's a homosexual activist throwing a pie in the face of Christian advocate Anita Bryant back in the late 70′s. He's considered a hero in the homosexual community. If a Christian threw a pie in the face of a homosexual activist for their anti-Christian speech, that Christian would be punished in some way, while when the homosexualists do it, people either look the other way or cheer them on as heroes…

Facebook, Google, etc showing bias against Christians…



"A Christian paediatrician who was dismissed from an adoption panel over her belief that children should not be placed with same-sex couples today told a tribunal: 'Homosexual practice is not how God wants us to live."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1330255/Christian-paediatrician-Sheila-Matthews-lost-job-adoption-panel-homophobia.html#ixzz21n0DOfiq

"A homosexual group has filed a discrimination complaint against Hands On Originals: Christian Outfitters after the company refused to honor a bid to produce apparel for an event" (that promotes homosexuality) https://web.archive.org/web/20150329183749/http://www.thoughtsfromaconservativemom.com/2012/04/gay-activists-demand-boycott-investigation-of-christian-company-for-refusing-to-print-gay-pride-t-shirts/

Read more: https://web.archive.org/web/20160708223219/http://godfatherpolitics.com/gay-bullies-target-apparel-company-because-it-wont-print-shirts-for-gay-pride-festival/

"Soros-funded "civil rights" group in NY files huge 47-page lawsuit in federal court accusing Pastor Scott Lively of "crimes against humanity" — for pro-family speeches in Uganda." https://web.archive.org/web/20130517011201/http://massresistance.com/docs/gen2/12a/lively_ccr_lawsuit/index.html "The group that allegedly smashed up a Portland church hopes its "small act of vengeance will strike fear into the hearts of" Christian leaders who teach traditional sexual morality, according to an e-mail message the group released to the public." https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/angry-queers-christians-are-scum-deserve-hammers-through-their-windows

Consumer Rights under Attack: California Senator Introduces Legislation that Undermines Parental Authority and the Therapist – Client Relationship...

"YouTube Pulls Video Critical of Gay Rights Extremists"

Read more: https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/matthew-sheffield/2012/05/18/not-tricked-time-youtube-pulls-video-critical-gay-rights#.T7qiTn3lcqU.twitter#ixzz21n2ETwnU

Refuse to photograph lesbians, get fined $7,000 https://www.wnd.com/2012/06/refuse-to-photograph-lesbians-get-fined-7000/

"A homosexual activist (and pedophile) from Maine has used a court to deliver the latest "SWAT" attack on a pro-family ministry, obtaining a "protective" order even though the defendant, Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance, never had contacted him, according to a new ministry report." https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen2/12b/flanders/index.html

 More info on "SWATing"… https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2012/05/29/the-lefts-dangerous-new-line-of-attack-swatting-n689804

"Quebec homosexual activist group has launched a "registry of homophobic acts" with support and funding from the Quebec Government's Justice Department. "Homophobic" is defined as any and all levels of disagreement... https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/government-funded-registry-of-homophobic-acts-launched-today-in-quebec Homosexual activists vandalize church for posting pro-marriage sign

Gay rights activists vandalize church for posting pro-marriage sign

The head of Miami-Dade County Public Schools wants to evict a Southern Baptist church that rents space in one of their buildings, because of the congregation's moral opposition to homosexual behavior. "An Australian Olympic married couple claims they have been prohibited from sharing a room in the London Olympic Village, even though 'gay' couples are reportedly allowed to do so... https://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/07/16/married-olympians-we-cant-live-together-during-games-but-gay-couples-can/ "After posting about the event on his official Facebook page, Huckabee created a public Facebook invitation, letting people know they could participate either by showing up at a local Chick-fil-A franchise or participating online. By midday today, the page had received approximately 100,000 "likes." Shortly after that, however, the invitation disappeared" https://familypolicyalliance.com/

More examples...

Source: Homo-Fascism vs. the First Amendment | Scott Lively Ministries

Tom Usher

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Employment: 2008 - present, website developer and writer. 2015 - present, insurance broker. Education: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science in Political Science. City University of Seattle, graduate studies in Public Administration. Volunteerism: 2007 - present, president of the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project.

12 Responses to Homo-Fascism vs. the First Amendment

  1. Avatar Kit Love says:

    The Basics of human rights: as soon as you exercising your right infringes on the rights of someone else you do not have that right anymore. Speak freely all you want, have your religious freedom, but if you practicing your religion or speaking freely causes someone else to be discriminated against then you do not have that right anymore because no one's rights trump anyone else's.

    So, think being gay is wrong that is your right to religious freedom, but once you turn someone away and discriminate against them because of it... tough luck.

    Stop using your "rights" to steal the rights of others.

    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      You wouldn't turn away a practicing pedophile applying for the position of daycare teacher simply because the person is a pedophile. You'd say that that person's "rights" can't be trumped by the rights of the children not to be instructed and cared for by that practicing pedophile, not to be sexually molested.

      It's your lack of logic that is trying to turn the Earth into a Hellhole.

      Don't be dumb enough to try to say that the issue there is "harm." Many pedophiles claim they do no harm and claim that it is not your right to tell them and/or the children what sexual activity between consenting people is prohibited by law or otherwise.

      Regardless, I advocate for truth, not merely mundane human laws. I have simply said that men sodomizing each other is obvious error. If others choose to vote and/or advocate in ways that makes it appear that such behavior by the homosexuals is fine, that's what I mean by turning the Earth into a Hellhole (of their own, and your, making, not mine).

      • Avatar Kit Love says:

        There is a basic concept you are forgetting when you are comparing
        homosexual adults to pedophiles. In order to ensure someone's
        religious freedom, they CANNOT interfere with the rights of others.
        In order for someone who insists it's their religious right to
        be a pedophile to practice, they would have to get the consent of
        whoever they are touching, and children cannot give consent.

        Two adults over the age of consent exercising that consent is not against the law and frankly, none of your business. You cannot
        discriminate against someone simply for exercising their rights as
        consenting adults.

        Do you think it would be fair for people who do not believe in christian
        mythology to not serve or work with you because of your beliefs? In
        regards to Christians trying to not serve people based on who they
        are attracted to I'd say if we're going to make ridiculous comparisons the christian side of this argument would compare better to a practicing pedophile. The Christians are forcing others to either follow their beliefs and rules, or be discriminated against. If that's how you want law to work, then there are plenty of
        theocracies out there.

      • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

        Your reasoning is based upon age of consent laws (differing around the world) and where pedophiles are advocating for the elimination of age of consent laws, just the way homosexuals were advocating for the elimination of anti-sodomy laws (existing in many parts of the world). Is that really beyond you to comprehend? You are for age of consent laws based upon arbitrariness. Invoking religion is not necessary to show that you are confused.

        Also, a child can give his or her consent. Consent and legal consent are used differently by the pedophiles.

        In their eyes, you are just as tyrannically against them as I am in my religion in your view of my religion. Although, as I said, I don't coerce anyone into my religion. You would not hire the pedophile. You try to fall back on law, but what is your basis for that law. Why shouldn't age of consent laws be ruled unconstitutional, as homosexual advocates want all anti-homosexuality laws ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court, which appears to be the trend in that court though the force of it has been weakening.

        Based upon your arguments, it is none of your business what an adult and child do together. Is it really none of your business? You don't think so. I gave my reason for why things are my business: the sociological/societal impacts. If people are doing things that are harmful in my view, are you saying I haven't the right to speak publicly against those acts? Are you attempting to be a homosexual fascist? You sound like that's where you're headed if you're not there already.

        You also write as if Christianity isn't under assault. If you think it isn't under assault, you're living under a rock.

        A males sodomizing another male is a fundamental error and not without negative consequences. That's the issue. Children are being deliberately misled about that. That's evil! Do you really believe that sodomy is healthy? It's not. It's a mistake to teach children that it's okay. You are deeply confused.

        As for coercion, you vote don't you? You vote for things that are then enforced by threat of physical violence. Which of us is more dangerous in the mundane for the other. It is you, though I have my Spirit.

      • Avatar Kit Love says:

        "Your reasoning is based upon age of consent laws (differing around the world) and where pedophiles are advocating for the elimination of age of consent laws, just the way homosexuals were advocating for the elimination of anti-sodomy laws (existing in many parts of the world). Is that really beyond you to comprehend? You are for age of consent laws based upon arbitrariness. Invoking religion is not necessary to show that you are confused."

        -I will not explain to you the difference between consenting adults and children again just re-read my last comment. From here out I'm just going to skip over all the places you continue to fail to prove there is any comparison until you give actual proof there is (there isn't so lets just stop this immature assumption)

        "Also, a child can give his or her consent. Consent and legal consent are used differently by the pedophiles."

        -lol what? Despite what the Vatican may think, during sexual situations, no a child cannot give consent. If you need I will hunt down the law. Whether pedophiles are fighting it is irrelevant since those laws even if passed will be deemed unconstitutional and child abuse if passed.

        "In their eyes, you are just as tyrannically against them as I am in my religion in your view of my religion. Although, as I said, I don't coerce anyone into my religion. You would not hire the pedophile. You try to fall back on law, but what is your basis for that law. Why shouldn't age of consent laws be ruled unconstitutional, as homosexual advocates want all anti-homosexuality laws ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court, which appears to be the trend in that court though the force of it has been weakening."

        -irrelevant to the conversation.

        "Based upon your arguments, it is none of your business what an adult and child do together. Is it really none of your business? You don't think so. I gave my reason for why things are my business: the sociological/societal impacts. If people are doing things that are harmful in my view, are you saying I haven't the right to speak publicly against those acts? Are you attempting to be a homosexual fascist? You sound like that's where you're headed if you're not there already."

        - sure you can think and say that all you want... and whoever you are talking to is free to listen, or ignore you. Once you want to implement laws against it you are infringing on rights and that's where your right to religious freedom ends.

        "You also write as if Christianity isn't under assault. If you think it isn't under assault, you're living under a rock."

        -Christians keep saying that, but the only examples they've given me are when Christians are passing lines and encroaching on the rights of others. You do not have the right to discriminate. You do not have the right to treat people differently for their race, religion, gender, or sexual preference. If you can name an instance when you were not allowed to exercise your religious right that DOESN'T include discrimination or encroaching on the rights of others I'd be glad to hear it and disprove it.

        "A males sodomizing another male is a fundamental error and not without negative consequences. That's the issue. Children are being deliberately misled about that. That's evil! Do you really believe that sodomy is healthy? It's not. It's a mistake to teach children that it's okay. You are deeply confused."

        -I am not confused we simply have different views. If you continue to not understand this concept and instead talk down to me for having different views I will do the same to you.

        "As for coercion, you vote don't you? You vote for things that are then enforced by threat of physical violence. Which of us is more dangerous in the mundane for the other. It is you, though I have my Spirit."

        -Just because something has the majority vote does not make it right (ex) slavery, interracial marriage, etc before they were legalized) Hence why we have the supreme court. I have never voted for a law that requires physical violence or threat of to enforce. I have no idea where you even got that from or what you are referring to.

      • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

        You miss the points, left and right, and jump to wildly inaccurate conclusions. I have made extremely clear, plain, fundamental, irrefutable points, which you have totally missed. There's no building logical arguments with you to follow. That comes with your territory.

        I'd like to help, but your brain's form and functioning is blocking your ability properly to connect things. That's why you falsely think men sodomizing each other is fine.

        If you could see clearly, if you could be honest rather than hell bent with your agenda, you'd be able to readily state that men sodomizing each other is obvious error, regardless of anything else, just absolute, objective truth: men sodomizing each other is a mistake. Try drilling that into your head. If you succeed, let me know; otherwise, I'm not interested in continuing this back and forth with you. It would be pointless.

        May the spirit of evil stop blocking your progress to seeing the truth that men sodomizing each other is wrong: your starting place to healing your mind. Set yourself on it, and don't try to draw a bunch of conclusions about what I've just said. Avoid your illogical pattern of thought. Focus on the one task by suspending your belief system/worldview. If you refuse, please don't talk to me (at me) anymore.

  2. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    "We don't want to force Churches to marry us." Liars! "Gay couple to sue church over gay marriage" https://t.co/Wh3jGurXHC— Tom Usher (@TomUsher) August 2, 2013

      • Avatar Kit Love says:

        You need to learn to take people individually. So you found ONE example of someone taking their rights too far and on a power trip. I have never met a gay couple that wanted to be married in a church.

        Let me flip it and show how stupid that argument is:

        Hitler was a christian... he tried to kill a race of people... therefore ALL Christians must be fascists.

        or, Westboro Baptist Church are horrible people who are desperate for bad attention and act out in horrible way to get it... I don't like Christians anymore because they picket funerals of soldiers and are rude horrible people.

        See how ignorant that looks? See the logic holes? That's how ignorant you sound by saying "LOOK AT THIS GUY BEING A JERK... THEREFORE ALL PEOPLE LIKE HIM MUST BE JERKS LIKE HIM"

        Not to mention... doesn't your mythology say something about not judging and leaving that to god? maybe you should try that. Also, I can see in your profile picture that you are wearing a shirt that is made of two different types of material. According to the same ancient misogynistic text you seem to still follow in regards to homosexuality, you should be stoned to death. I also hope you are out there stoning women who get divorces to death.

      • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

        Look, Kit, I don't want to hear you anymore because you duck points, etc., as explained below. If you can't admit that men sodomizing each other is an error, go away and don't come back. It's that simple.

        Pay attention to what happens in the UK concerning the person (homosexual) you've correctly identified as "being on a power trip." If the homosexual community, as it likes to call itself, or did, stands up to that couple and royally denounces that power trip, then you'll have a point. If on the other hand, they generally come to that couple's side in the argument, you'll be left with one and only one proper conclusion: that I knew that the slippery slope existed where you either didn't know or didn't care because of your history of confusion.

        As for "judging," there's no point for me to even attempt to enlighten you concerning the theology of the term. It is not the superficial concept you falsely think it is. I have judged no one, but that's beyond you to grasp.

        Lastly, I follow the New Testament words of Jesus Christ, which if you could grasp it, enhanced the understanding. They didn't simply echo the Old Testament. Stoning is not what Jesus taught or teaches.

        Now, I don't have more time for you. As far as I'm concerned, that was your last comment here unless and until you do as I requested: admit that men sodomizing each other is a fundamental error.

        I'm clear.

      • Avatar Kit Love says:

        In the real world you need to PROOVE something is wrong not just demand people believe what you say. Although since you continued your condescending tone with me, I will add that is SO christian of you... refusing to have a rational conversation with someone simply because you cannot accept that they have a different view from you and different moral structure.

        Since I do not follow Christian Mythology I have found no reason why is is wrong. As a straight woman, the actions of adult gay men in the bedroom make no impact on my life AT ALL, or anyone else's besides the people involved. therefore, in my view it isn't wrong at all.

        You gave absolutely no reason at behind your point that being gay is wrong. You simply expect me to listen to some random person on the internet spouting hate speech, comparing gay people to pedophiles, and not understanding the meaning of the word fascist unless you count the way you are trying to force me to believe as you do simply to have a discussion.

        I'd rather be able to talk and discuss with people of all walks and beliefs. I've learned much more about love and compassion that way. It's easy to tell from your blog that limiting your views and discussions to only the most EXTREME conservative believers of Christian Mythology that you have only learned how to talk down to people, throw away logic and reason, and cry sin at everyone.

        When you point a finger at someone three of them are pointing back at yourself. I hope you turn your gaze inward and find the love in your heart you've hidden under all this repressed anger.

      • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

        You don't know that a man putting his penis up another man's rectum is an error. As I said, that's your starting point for healing. You think all the homosexuals in the world who are doing that aren't negatively impacting anything by doing that. You are prepared to go about the Internet commenting only favorably about homosex, but you have not looked into the damage such homosex does or have chosen to ignore it.

        I asked you to admit that men sodomizing each other is wrong. I did so more than once. You finally decided to claim that "it isn't wrong at all." I asked you to not comment here again until you could admit that it is wrong. Yet, you persist in submitting more comments. You are sexually confused and don't understand when and where to leave (when given clear parameters for not being rejected by one who's place you've entered and may stay under conditions set by that one). You are acting much like the homosexuals you called negative names.

        I have seen you around on the Internet promoting homosexuality. I know you've been supplied links to documentation concerning the negatives of homosex, negatives well beyond those encountered in strictly monogamous heterosex. I need not repeat those links here for you. I know your style of refusing to acknowledge such information but rather attempting to change the subject and to level baseless accusations, as you have clearly done here.

        Kit, you are not welcome here. Your belief system is wrong, and you are not interested in learning anything but rather in promoting error, error harmful to the children and adults.

        Don't submit any more comments here. They aren't wanted. There's enough evil in a day without having to listen to you. You've had your say. You weren't censored. There's no point whatsoever in the two of us interacting directly or at all on this site. You have nothing new to say about the issue of homosexuality.

        I am correct that men sodomizing each other is an obvious error. The rectum is no place for a penis. Nothing but damage comes from it. It varies with different men, but it is never even neutral. It is always damaging to their very brains and, I will say, souls also.

        These things are too subtle for you, even though they are glaring for many others. It's not their fault or mine that you are impenetrable on these matters. Jesus said, "Few there be that find it." Whether or not I am, you are definitely not among that few. Amen.

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