Twitter Digest: Sunday, June 2, 2013

  1. I liked a @YouTube video Live Update: Growing crowds in Istanbul

  2. Woe to you, certain Lutherans. Jesus is not fine with unrepentant, practicing homosexuals as "Christian" bishops.

  3. National Security Letters aren't warrants and therefore unconstitutional. Judge Susan Illston's ruling is garbage.

  4. #occupygeziparki #direngeziparki Concerning ErdoÄŸan's planned replacement of Gezi Park with a shopping mall:

  5. #occupygeziparki #direngeziparki Gençlik Parkı, Ankara, Turkey"Ž - About-Google+

  6. Rand Paul talks about possible harm to Syrian Christians, but what about Palestinian Christians, Mr. Zionist Senator?

  7. Sen. Paul demanded that the subcommittee apologize to Apple because it is a job creator....syllogism no longer holds...

  8. Rich's Sake: US Sen. Corker's Fannie/Freddie "Reforms" | Real Liberal Christian Church | Christian Commons Project

  9. Only argument for replacing DeMarco is he won't hand out free money to benefit the left? Banksters set up the poor!

  10. Innocent? Cross-Dressing Day In Grade School | Real Liberal Christian Church | Christian Commons Project

  11. Christian Zionists: Occupation does not equate with "Blessed are the Peacemakers", "Love your neighbor as yourself."

  12. "...set out to the Commons how it will prevent weapons falling into the wrong hands...." What right hands? Peace!

  13. TSA Stops Invasive Scanning at Airports. "Others worried about the amount of radiation emitted."

  14. The US said the UN didn't name the S-300 system? Then couldn't Russia still supply Iran, and would that deter Israel?

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