New Jersey Residents, Tell Christie to Veto Fascistic A3371/S2278 (outlawing counseling homosexually abused minors to overcome resultant unwanted same-sex attraction)

I'm not a resident of New Jersey, so I'm not allowed to submit via the submission form. Here's what I'd tell Governor Christie though:

I strongly recommend you veto A3371.

First though, I suggest you hear directly from those who dispute the need for the law. Invite the national leaders in Reparative Therapy, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, and the like, to meet with you to answer all your questions.

Be absolutely sure that you know whether homosexual attraction is inborn and/or environmentally caused, such as by, among other causes, sexual abuse. Be sure you wouldn't be leaving sexually abuse children hanging with help for their unwanted same-sex attraction being illegal. What a confusing, further-damaging nightmare that would be for those children.

Ask NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) to supply you with peer-reviewed scientific studies in support of their position. Ask them to directly answer their opposition (those who brought forth the legislation).

You should also wait for the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has this very issue before it concerning very similar legislation signed into law in California by Governor Jerry Brown.

It is my understanding that the New Jersey version (unlike that for California) specifically intends to block "unlicensed" counselors. That would necessarily include many religious counselors. Would you be prepared to tell a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or other clergy member that he or she would be breaking the law by telling/counseling congregation members that homosexuality is against the given religion and is also something that can be, and has been, overcome? If so, you'd be opening your state up to claims of violating the US Bill of Rights, namely the free-exercise clause.

Now, if you were to sign the bill and parents were to violate it, would you be prepared to take away those parents' children? No doubt some of those children would also be targeted for placement in foster homes headed up by open homosexuals. What kind of violent civil war might such actions potentiate? I'd be very concerned that you'd be opening the door wide open to what could rightly be characterized as homosexual fascism and worse. How many people might take up arms against such undemocratic, illiberal forces?

Do the right thing and hear out both sides. Read and study the court documents concerning the California case regarding CA SB-1172. I have. I can assure you that those documents contain excellently reasoned and supported, compelling, reasons why the State of California was enjoined from enforcing the law pending the Courts final ruling.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this pivotal moment for your state and the, frankly, nation.

Again, New Jersey residents, tell Christie to veto fascistic A3371/S2278 (outlawing counseling homosexually abused minors to overcome resultant unwanted same-sex attraction). Here's the link: Action Center.

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