Huge Danger: US, Russia Arm Sides In Syria

Pardon me for not taking the time to supply example links to all of the following points.Huge Danger: US, Russia Arm Sides In Syria

  • The US is going to arm and aid those who are trying to overthrow Assad in Syria.
  • Russia is going to arm and aid Assad's regime. Russia will supply S300 surface-to-air missiles and other weapons, etc. Russia has a military base in Syria.
  • Israel says it will attack the Russian missile system(s).
  • Russia has said it will defend those installations. Russia has conducted full military training recently for doing exactly that.
  • The US is moving more weapons to the area and clamping down harder and harder on Iran.
  • The US Congress is pushing hard to completely cut off Iranian oil exports, including to China.

All of this is very, very bad and reckless. It will drive the "enemies" of the US into each others' militarily armed arms.

Assad was wrong not to undertake pretty much all of the reforms the non-Salafis were asking for. If he had done that at the right moment, he could have been reelected President in a free and fair, multi-party election. He chose to ignore the protesters' demands. Violence slowly ramped up due to his refusal and clampdowns. Then the Takfiris (extremely militant Muslims) moved in. They are backed economically by Saudi and other oil-money.

What has been going on in the region is the constant playing out of the US Neocon agenda that seeks to have Israel as the Middle East's sole superpower. The hyper-Zionists in the Neocon ranks want finally to see Israel as the sole and last world superpower. They are in a hurry.

What they are doing is ripping apart everyone else they can while getting others, primarily the US, to have their, the Zionists', backs. The trouble is that this is pushing the world to a very hot WWIII. Russia and the US still have enough nuclear weapons to make the planet uninhabitable as we know it. Israel too has nuclear weapons, as do a few other countries.

Israel refuses to take Iran's word for it that Iran's nuclear program is not for weapons. The US knows Iran doesn't have a nuclear-weapons program, but the Neocons in the US continue convincing terribly stupid Americans in high places that it behooves the US to go along with the Zionist fraud leading to yet another war, the worst since WWII (worse than Iraq, Vietnam, or Korea), and as I mentioned, leading to a very hot WWIII, which of course would be vastly worse than WWII by magnitudes of order.

Nothing good will come of this Zionist scheme. These Zionists are not a moral people chosen to rule the planet. The Zionist mindset is not the one that should or will ultimately rule.

Anyway, here's an article that shows the tip of the iceberg: US, Russia Intend To Arm Sides In Syria - Business Insider.

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