Deep State Revealed and On: Obama Admin 10 Steps Behind Guardian Leaks

This is not all there is to it:

Wednesday: The Guardian dropped another bomb, revealing a program called XKeyscore, which "allows analysts to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing e-mails, online chats, and the browsing histories of millions of individuals," as The Guardian learns via Snowden.
The amount of data the program selects is so large that it can only be stored for three or five days; metadata persists for a month.

Source: The Obama Administration Is 10 Steps Behind The Guardian in Addressing Leaks -

Look, this is how it works. The government, more so the "intelligence" word smiths, word things in ways that attempt to, and due to the lack of probing questions to reveal otherwise, often do, obfuscate what the government is doing in compartmentalized fashion. Edward Snowden did not have access to everything the government has. Even Barack Obama doesn't have that access. There are units operating within the Deep State that could be said to be completely independent of all oversight. They are led to believe that they are authorized to do illegal things and are told not to divulge it to anyone. Then they actually do those illegal things. They're told it's for America. An example is assassinating someone or some group and making it appear as something else such as a regular crime or a suicide. It can also include gathering information by stealing it: espionage. This is done not just by sole operators but by highly funded and above-top-secret secret departments. Departments such as those are the ones that suck down all the packets (each unit of binary data routed through the net) and store them.

When XKeyscore runs out of physical memory, it doesn't mean that the data is purged forever from the whole government. It just means the frontline people, such as Snowden was, don't have access to it in the same way anymore because the computer resources are simply being used at that level for the frontline, initial analysis of several days worth.

You'll notice that each time the existence of a program is leaked, the government tries (and fails) to make it appear that the whole government is limited to as far as that program can dig and for the reported time limit. It's why James Clapper lied to Congress (because the existence hadn't been leaked recently at the time of his deliberate lie).

The intelligence community believes that lying to cover what they are doing is righteous. They rationalize all their lies. It is a pathology. It is a mental illness, a from of or degree or insanity -- quite serious, as the dangers are as grave as touching off WWIII.

So, while Snowden through Greenwald will stream the leaks until Greenwald exhausts the info he obtained from Snowden, the government will play catch-up until then. When Greenwald has exhausted what he has, the government will say that, that's all there is, that, that's as far as the dragnetting goes or ever went, even though they've already admitted to the existence of the "Family Jewels," which necessarily has to be more than what Snowden accessed.

The fact is that the Obama administration is still engaged in totally illegal and unethical practices around the world. Barack Obama truly should be impeached and removed along with everyone who knew and didn't come forth to the American people about the very serious illegalities. Anything short of that under the Constitution will leave the nation-state ripe for totalitarian dictatorship or violent revolution.

I'd call upon everyone to convert to what Jesus called for, but who's ready and willing? Who's even willing?

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