On: "New Court Ruling Makes it Easier for Police to Track Your Cell Phone"

This bit from the court's decision is just plain stupid:

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

...the user has no expectation of privacy....

Via: New Court Ruling Makes it Easier for Police to Track Your Cell Phone | Electronic Frontier Foundation

When we sign up for things, the providers tell us the providers' Privacy Policies. Those policies nearly invariably say that no info will be shared unless we don't opt out or unless the providers are forced by law to turn over our records. Before this ruling, we definitely had an expectation of privacy.

To use the court's "logic," our medical records are an open book to the police simply upon the asking even though we've been assured by law that our medical records are private: protected by the Fourth Amendment.

This needs to go to the Supreme Court where it should be reversed if that Court hasn't completely lost its mind, something that is in question.

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