US On the Wrong Side Now: Battle for Oil, Kurds v. Jihadists

Interesting three final paragraphs:

Tel Abyad, which jihadist forces are desperately defending against attacks by Kurdish Popular Protection Units, is the last avenue through which they can export Syrian oil plundered from the fields in Deir el-Zour, through Raqqa and toward Turkish markets and the tanker truck convoys gathered on the border crossing. The advance European marketing decision gives impetus to the war waged by jihadist factions for control of the Rmeilan and Suwaidiyah fields, each of which produces approximately 130,000 barrels per day.

Moreover, a few months ago, the Europeans failed to convince the Kurds to put the still operational Rmeilan fields under the control of the National Coalition. A prominent Kurdish official told As-Safir at the time that the British diplomat in charge of the Syrian portfolio had officially informed him during a meeting in Paris, that the PYD must surrender oil installations to the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Coalition, in order to help the interim government fund its operations. This, however, was without any forethought into the needs of the region's inhabitants, as well as the need to continue pumping the oil required to run power plants.

The Kurdish official continued to state that he informed the Europeans that the PYD had decided to defend the oil fields to the last man, and prevent their falling into the hands of other factions, except when future political negotiations would determine the division of oil revenues between the Kurdish north and Damascus in the center of the country.

Via: Battle for Oil Intensifies Between Syrian Kurds, Jihadists — Phantom Report.

The Kurds are being drawn into the fight in a big way and on the side of Assad.

Assad made some huge mistakes concerning the early demonstrations against his regime that were calling for reform and not his ouster, but it is looking more and more like the US is definitely on the wrong side in the fight considering that so many Muslims looking to recreate the Islamic Caliphate along sharia lines have joined in the fray.

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