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Noah Smith posted his belief that what some homosexuals in the UK are trying to do (force the Church to marry them) isn't really force. I left a comment there: Noahpinion: Triangle Man and the libertarians.

My comment:

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

I made the same point about local power and libertarians many years ago. However, you need to rethink your points.

Economic duress is definitely a coercive measure. Consider the economic sanctions against Iran. Those applying the sanctions are attempting to twist Iran's arm into complying with whatever the sanctioning parties are demanding (or the Iranian nation can become a collapsed state and its people pained and punished, etc., and regardless of the fact that no evidence has been revealed demonstrating that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program).

In addition, there's a homosexual couple in the UK right now that has brought a legal action against the Church to force the Church to allow that couple to conduct a marriage ceremony between them in the Church. My understanding is that they expect the government to force the Church into conducting that ceremony. That has received support from members of the homosexual community. http://www.christian.org.uk/news/gay-couple-to-sue-church-over-gay-marriage-opt-out/

Related: Homo-Fascism vs. the First Amendment. See the comment section there as well.

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