Israel Authorizes Illegal Construction in West Bank

"Palestinians say Israeli construction in the battle-won West Bank and east Jerusalem is a war crime that violates the Fourth Geneva Convention...."

"Israel captured east Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 Middle East war, then annexed east Jerusalem in a move that is not internationally recognized."

"The latest Israeli Peace Index poll this month found growing unease about trading land for peace, the foundation for negotiations since the 1993 Oslo accords. Sixty-three percent of Israelis told pollsters from the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University that they wouldn't support a peace deal on that basis, even if it included security for Israel and a demilitarized Palestinian state."

Source: Israel Authorizes Construction in West Bank, Prisoner Release - Bloomberg

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

Well then, the US and all of its allies should let Israel go it alone: stop supplying money and weapons and ammunition, etc. The US should work out acceptable, fair, reasonable deals with Syria's Assad and with Iran and then figure out how to reduce tensions with Russia and China, though coming to workable deals with Assad and Iran would go a long, long way in securing working relationships with the Russians and Chinese.

Good for Bloomberg for calling it the West Bank rather than Israeli territory.

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