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Concerning the Obama administration's stated desire that there be reconciliation in Egypt:

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

An angry young man in Tahrir Square during the 26 July demonstrations protested to me, "did the American forces invading Iraq ask the Iraqis to reconcile with Saddam Hussein and ask his men to join the new government?"

Source: Can-America's-image-be-salvaged- - Al-Ahram Weekly

It's true that the Bush-43 administration excluded the Baathists from government in the post-Saddam Iraq, but that debaathification is a large part of why Iraq is a living nightmare right now.

Furthermore, Morsi made many mistakes, but the Obama administration doesn't think those were so bad that the election should have been nullified.

I believe that Morsi tried too hard to inflict sharia upon the nation. He doesn't think he was being dictatorial, per se. He honestly thinks the Mubarak-wing was getting away with terrible crimes against the Brotherhood.

What was lacking, and still is, is compromise all the way around. The Brotherhood can't have sharia. The anarchists can't have their way either.

The most important central tenet that Egypt needs is freedom of religion.

Tom Usher

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