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How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut - NYTimes.comThe violent crackdown has left Mr. Obama in a no-win position: risk a partnership that has been the bedrock of Middle East peace for 35 years, or stand by while longtime allies try to hold on to power by mowing down opponents. From one side, the Israelis, Saudis and other Arab allies have lobbied him to go easy on the generals in the interest of thwarting what they see as the larger and more insidious Islamist threat. From the other, an unusual mix of conservatives and liberals has urged him to stand more forcefully against the sort of autocracy that has been a staple of Egyptian life for decades.

Western diplomats say that General Sisi and his circle appeared to be in heavy communication with Israeli colleagues, and the diplomats believed the Israelis were also undercutting the Western message by reassuring the Egyptians not to worry about American threats to cut off aid.

Oh, that sure sounds like Netanyahu, whether he/they said it or not. He's said it before to others about the US. We have it on video.

Sisi has Obama's "number" alright: weak sister, no offense to the ladies. Some of them are strong. Barack Obama is a reactor. He'll authorize drone strikes, but he won't lay down the law. He doesn't know the law. He thinks he does, but he's truly ignorant of the true meaning of law.

The takeaway from the article though is that the military plans to crush the Brotherhood once and for all.

You know that when Senator Lindsey Graham sounds more sensible than General Sisi, Sisi's really, really dangerous.

How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut -

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