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What irritates Iran more than Saudi Arabia's policy in Syria is Riyadh's decision last year to boost energy exports to replace oil taken out of the market by embargoed Iranian crude, effectively colluding with Western sanctions.

"Instead of serving Muslims, they pay tribute to the enemies of Muslims and stand next to them," said Nasser Soudani, deputy head of the Iranian parliament's energy committee in January 2012, commenting on higher Saudi oil supply.
"The situation in Syria has become so complex that the Islamic world has practically been split in half, to the point that a proxy war is taking place," said Iranian reformist Saeed Hajarian in a newspaper interview this month.

"We have to show them that this is not a Shi'ite-Sunni war. With all of our power we must stop the parties from religious incitement," he said.

Saudi Feud Too Bitter For New Iran President To Fix » Gulf Business

But it is a religious war. There's no doubt about it. It's an ethnic war, but it's definitely religious. It appears to many that you Sunnis and Shiites hate each other at the top more than you hate the Zionists who forced their way in via terrorism.

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