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My reply over on the article:

You wrote: "If people want to continue to debate the numbers almost 70 years after the fact....let them." That means you are opposed to prosecuting those others term deniers (under some vague definition). Fine. Why is it illegal in much of Europe?

However, you repeatedly say, "Who cares." The people who are prosecuted care. The vast majority of Palestinian Arabs care, Christian, Muslim, and otherwise. I care. I care a great deal.

As for there never having been anyone quite like Hitler, everyone is unique. What your statement says though is that whoever ordered and carried out the Holodomor was not as evil in your eyes. Perhaps you mean something other than evil. Regardless, what's your point? I say that those who ordered and carried out the Holodomor were as bad if not worse even if one completely accepts the Zionist narrative about what they call the Holocaust, which I don't accept. I question many, many aspects about it for good reason, and it matters whether you think so or say so or not.

Much of the narrative developed to milk sympathy to further the Zionist Project in Palestine was a pack of lies. There were no shrunken heads of Jews. There were no lampshades made from Jewish tattooed-skin. There was no soap made from the fat of Jewish bodies. Even the Zionists have had to admit those were all lies they told the whole world. There were no extermination camps in Germany, even though it was originally claimed by many Zionists that there had been. They were there in the camps and saw it firsthand, but they were blatantly lying. It matters. Where do the lies end? That's the point.

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

If the number is six million, they have more to milk for sympathy. If the number is substantially lower or non-existent, as some contend, then all the sympathy and all the elevating the "event" to the worst genocide in human history was misplaced and had the people known the truth rather than believing Zionist lies right after the war, the Zionists might not have been allowed to persecute and terrorize the Palestinian Arabs and conduct the Nakba (ethnic cleansing of some 800-700 thousand Arabs). There might be more people now willing to stand up to the Zionists to stop them from continuing their Project of taking more and more and more Palestinian land just because the Zionists have the weapons and backing from the US.

I didn't hear you say that you oppose the Zionists ethnically cleansing the Palestinian Arabs up to the point the rest of the world had been mistakenly willing to look the other way for, among other reasons, faulty theology, such as Christian Zionism, which is a misnomer, as there is no such thing as a real Christian who supports Zionism.

As for questioning your intelligence, you're opposing me rather than agreeing. I don't see your opposition as being bright. As for getting angry, you're rather presumptuous. I see nothing in my comments indicating anger; and, if you choose to ignore me, it's your loss.

Angela Merkel expresses sorrow and shame on historic visit to Nazi concentration camp | National Post

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