Secret NSA Documents Prove Barack Obama is a Pathological Liar

The following is from Der Spiegel and sums things up fairly well.

Secret NSA Documents Show How the US Spies on Europe and the UN - SPIEGEL ONLINEObama's public appearance was aimed at reassuring his critics. At the same time, he made a commitment. He gave assurances that the NSA is a clean agency that isn't involved in any dirty work. Obama has given his word on this matter. The only problem is that, if internal NSA documents are to be believed, it isn't true.

The classified documents, which SPIEGEL has seen, demonstrate how systematically the Americans target other countries and institutions like the EU, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna and the UN. They show how the NSA infiltrated the Europeans' internal computer network between New York and Washington, used US embassies abroad to intercept communications and eavesdropped on video conferences of UN diplomats. The surveillance is intensive and well-organized -- and it has little or nothing to do with counter-terrorism.

Source: Secret NSA Documents Show How the US Spies on Europe and the UN - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Look, how long will it take you to get it that Barack Obama is a pathological liar (wittingly lying, lying, lying to everyone) and violator of basic human rights left and right both domestically and internationally? On top of that, he's a war criminal.

If the American people do not impeach and remove him and don't raise the level of expectations and don't raise the moral standards way, way up, the US will fail much sooner than anyone expects, other than perhaps the Fundamentalist End-Times people who thought many years ago that it would have been long gone by now.

I'm not asking to punish Barack Obama. He needs mental, ethical, and spiritual help. I'm saying though that he is unfit for the highest office in the United States. I'm not saying Vice President Joe Biden is fit for that office either. In fact, I don't know how far down the constitutional chain one would have to go to run into someone who is fit. I don't think the list is long enough. Joe Biden has certainly been actively involved in the same war crimes as Barack Obama. Biden certainly hasn't stood up against them. He certainly hasn't resigned in protest. The same may be said of Obama's entire administration with few exceptions.

It is because of people such as Barack Obama being elevated to positions of huge power that the US has been steadily weakening throughout my life. The truth is clear. America has been routinely picking pathetically bad/criminal leaders. America is run by people who put evil first. They do not look out evenly for all Americans. They favor those who collude with them for special, private, undeserved privileges and advantages.

It's way past time all of that be ended. Stop being a dupe. Stop being a minion for evil. Stand up. Speak out. Tell the truth. Call for Barack Obama to be impeached and removed from office, removed along with the other war and other criminals in his administration.

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