Prove Assad Did It. You Are Premature and Liars! U.S. Vows to Hold Assad Liable for Chemical Arms Attack

What part of the words "prove it" don't these warmongering fools understand? PROVE that the Assad forces did it rather than the "rebels." Prove that Assad ordered it done.

God, these people are monsters. They are ready to murder people for crimes they may not have committed.

In the strongest terms yet from a U.S. official, Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday denounced an attack last week on a Damascus suburb as a "cowardly crime" requiring a response against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.
"Drawing red lines before you know what you are willing to do to back them up is folly," House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard "Buck" McKeon, a California Republican, said yesterday in a statement. "Now that American credibility is on the line, the president cannot fail to act decisively."

Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, told reporters in Seoul yesterday U.S. credibility will suffer if Obama "stands by and doesn't take very serious action."

Source: U.S. Vows to Hold Assad Liable for Chemical Arms Attack - Bloomberg

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