No GMA for GMO: Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Members Link Suddenly Gone

Check this out:

Now You See It . . .

Now you don't. Just four days ago, you could go to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) website, and click on a link that listed their 300-plus members.

Suddenly, poof, the link is gone. Just days after the GMA dumped an additional $1.75 million into the campaign to defeat I-522, Washington State's GMO labeling initiative. The trade group's total donation so far? Just north of $2.2 million.

Did the GMA hide its member list because its members don't want you to know that they're funneling donations through the GMA to keep you from knowing what's in your food? And they don't want you to know that they don't want you to know?

But we do know. Companies like Safeway, which wants you to buy its O Organics brand products. And companies like Target, which wants you to patronize its organic section. Companies like Starbucks, and Coca-Cola (owner of Honest Tea) and General Mills (owner of Muir Glen). The list is long.

We will no doubt be outspent in Washington. That's okay. We can be outspent and still win. But we can't be outspent six-to-one as we were in California and still win this fight. The next few weeks are critical. The clock is ticking. Can you help by... making a donation today? Thank you!

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