Russia Calls on Syria to Give Up Control of its Chemical Weapons

Russia calls on Syria to give up control of its chemical weapons

Sergey Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister

Russia is being eminently more sensible than is the US here: "Russia calls on Syria to give up control of its chemical weapons."

I fully understand Syria stockpiling chemical weapons as a deterrent against the Zionists, with they're nuclear and other weapons. However, it would be a very wise move on Assad's part to accede to Russia's suggestion. Doing so would disarm Barack Obama and the Zionists. They would have to stop the planned attack.

Of course, Assad may want to see the outcome of the vote in the US Congress first. Public opinion is vastly opposed to Obama's plan. Maybe Assad would figure that Obama will be unwilling to risk going against the people and that then, Assad could still keep the weapons against Israel.

I would not go that second way though. Assad needs to rise to the occasion without fear and to give Russia a boost in all of this so that Russia will be better positioned in the future to continue helping the Syrian people.

Assad would also be in a much better position to demand that the rebel-backers, especially those backing the Al Qaeda umbrella group(s) in Syria, stop all aid to those rebels/terrorists.

Assad should then figure out how to retire in peace with the Syrian people having the rights they wanted at the very beginning of the protests against his regime.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

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