Murky Clues from UN's Syria Report | Consortiumnews


The articles...said the rough calculations by the UN inspectors of the likely missile trajectories suggested that the launches occurred in government-controlled areas with the missiles landing in areas where the rebels dominate.

These mainstream U.S. news reports did not cite the cautionary comments contained in the UN report about possible tampering with evidence, nor did they take into account the conflicting lab results in Moadamiyah compared with Zamalka/Ein Tarma.
Why did President Obama leave out one of the key pieces of supposed proof from the Aug. 30 "Government Assessment" when he gave his Sept. 10 speech, the claim that a "senior" Syrian official had been overheard admitting guilt? Instead, Obama simply stated, with unaccustomed vagueness, that Syrian officials had "reviewed results of the attack," phrasing that suggests neither innocence nor guilt?

Murky Clues from UN's Syria Report | Consortiumnews

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