NYTimes Report: Syrian sarin strikes came from crack Assad unit. Did they?

Do you just buy this?

At one impact site, investigators found both the place where the rocket had passed through a "vegetal screen" above a wall just before it hit the ground, and the small impact crater itself.

They noted that the "line linking the crater and the piercing of the vegetal screen can be conclusively established and has a bearing of 35 degrees."

At another impact area in another section of Damascus, a 330-millimetre rocket landed on what investigators described as "earthy, relatively soft ground, where the shaft/engine of the projectile remained dug in, undisturbed until investigated."

The rocket's shaft, the investigators noted, "pointed precisely in a bearing of 285 degrees."

Josh Lyons, a satellite imagery analyst for Human Rights Watch noted in a statement on Tuesday.

"This isn't conclusive," Mr Lyons added. "But it is highly suggestive."

Source: Report: Syrian sarin strikes came from crack Assad unit

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

That's right. It isn't conclusive because there's distance between the impact sites and Mount Qasioun. Rockets can be fired from locations between Mount Qasioun and the impact sites. Also, the impact sites could be staged regardless of the article saying one impact was "undisturbed until investigated."

The reason this sort of questioning matters is because there are many people of the neocon/Zionist persuasion who want the US to attack Syria regardless of any evidence or the lack thereof.

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