Trust?: Le Monde Claimed Proof of Assad Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

Would Le Monde's reporters engage in false propaganda for anti-Assad sake? That's the question. The rebels themselves, the pro-rebel doctors, certainly could fabricate stories and evidence. We aren't saying that they did. We're simply raising questions because if one doesn't question, one is easily swayed by tricksters, who abound in this world. Chemical warfare in Syria

Regardless of whether both sides in the war have used chemical weapons, it is good that the US and Russia haven't come to exchanging blows over it and that the US has not attacked Syria over it. We need peacemakers, not war makers. The world need peace. It always has needed it.

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

The war makers are evil at heart. Yes, those who start the wars (by whatever means: pushing, robbing, oppressing, persecuting, etc.) are worse than those who simply defend, but war is still evil. Those who refuse to engage in it are more righteous than those who do engage, who do perpetuate the myth that violence is a proper means of conflict resolution between human beings.

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