Bull: "How Obama Was Checkmated by Iran - Bloomberg"

Fouad Ajami is a false propagandist. There is no hard evidence that Assad ordered or his military carried out any chemical-weapons attacks. There is only dubious circumstantial evidence. That circumstantial evidence could have been faked. The sites of chemical-weapons use could have been tampered with before any independent inspections. Intelligent people who don't easily fall for PSY-OPS know this. Intelligent and knowledgeable people know that the US has involved itself many times in setting up false-flag operations for false pretexts to attack others for the sake of empire, for the sake of opening markets for greedy people who don't really have their loyalty with the US but rather with expanding their own personal estates. They only use the nation for their selfish ends.

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

Also, there has never been any proof provided that Iran has ever had a nuclear-weapons program post-revolution. This article by Ajami is nothing short of pathetic. He is a warmonger. He wants the US to expand its empire, and the facts be damned.

Ronald Reagan said that facts are stupid things. What's stupid is to ignore them and to not look for them but rather to play propaganda mind-games to dupe the weak-minded, such as what's happening here with this article's appeal to gullible, naive lowbrows and those who side with Ajami regardless because they're liars too.

How Obama Was Checkmated by Iran - Bloomberg

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