Part 2: Bull: "How Obama Was Checkmated by Iran - Bloomberg"

Part 1

When I posted my comment (see Part 1 above) on Bloomberg yesterday, it went straight through. Today, I was greeted with a notice that my comments must now be approved. I wonder if that's a global change or that I've been singled out.

Anyway, here's the comment I just posted that's in moderation:

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

It's called the Big-Lie Tactic, and the Zionists employ it ad nauseam.

Cranstonsnord can't supply one bit of evidence that the Iranians have a nuclear weapons program.

Resorting to lumping me in with Moon-landing deniers is a Hasbara tactic. The Zionist train people in deliberately illogical replies because the facts aren't what matter to them since they've come to the conclusion that changing the subject works. However, once this is pointed out in a discussion, they usually move to the next tactic, which is to get nasty. The idea there is to poison the discussion even more, again to change the subject.

Trying to play childish mind-games on us isn't going to work. The facts remain.

There isn't conclusive evidence against Assad that his regime used chemical weapons. There is even less evidence against Iran that it has a nuclear-weapons program.

Show us your indisputable evidence against the Iranians, or it's check and mate. It's check and mate alright because you have nothing. If you had anything, you'd have shown it ages ago.

How Obama Was Checkmated by Iran - Bloomberg

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