Senators Warren, Udall Caving to Monsanto's GMO's?


Senators Warren and Udall both refused to support federal legislation that would have required mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs. Both also voted against an amendment to the farm bill that would have protected states' rights to label GMOs.

Are Senators Warren and Udall simply misinformed on the merits of voluntary labeling versus mandatory labeling? Or have they joined the cast of lawmakers toiling behind the scenes on behalf of Monsanto, not consumers?


Tom Usher

The FDA says that any label suggesting that a food was not bioengineered or does not contain "bioengineered ingredients" could be considered misleading if it implies that the labeled food is superior to foods that are not labeled GMO-free. Again, based on its previous ruling that there GMO and non-GMO foods are "substantially equivalent."

via Senators Angle for Monsanto-Friendly FDA Voluntary GMO Labeling 'Guidance'.

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