Must Read: "What the Sex-Change Industry Doesn't Tell You"

Why is the mainstream media in the US and elsewhere heavily censoring this type of information?

It's for reasons like these [read the linked article] that the John Hopkins University hospital, under the leadership of the famed psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh, discontinued sex-change surgery years ago.
Must Read: "What the Sex-Change Industry Doesn't Tell You"
As McHugh observed (speaking of male-to-female surgery), "It is not obvious how this patient's feeling that he is a woman trapped in a man's body differs from the feeling of a patient with anorexia nervosa that she is obese despite her emaciated, cachectic state. We don't do liposuction on anorexics. Why amputate the genitals of these poor men? Surely, the fault is in the mind not the member."

What the Sex-Change Industry Doesn't Tell You.

The doctor is absolutely right! Of course, there are people who are born hermaphrodites. That though is not the reason for as many people as there are who get it in their minds that they should be the opposite sex from how they were born.

It would be vastly more intelligent to get to the bottom of their mental confusion and to help them become comfortable with the sex they were born with. The cases in the article, where people were not satisfied after the surgery and ongoing regime and even want and obtain reversals (as much as possible), scream this out.

What kind of mind will simply ignore this in the hopes that it won't catch on in the main? An evil mind.

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