Pope Francis's Syncretic Mistake

I was reserving judgment about the new Pope, Pope Francis.

I had prayed that Benedict would retire. He did. I had prayed that the next Pope would take the name Francis. He did. I had prayed that the next Pope would be a Pope for the poor, would not live in the Palace, would have been the type to take public transportation, and would still drive himself in a regular car. He is all those things.

What I didn't pray for is a new Pope who says ambivalent things about homosexuality. Pope Francis says the Roman Catholic Church shouldn't talk so much about it, shouldn't focus so much on it. The mass media plays that up. Where's the question: Is it a sin? Why have they all been avoiding putting that to him?

The answer is simple. It's a Public Relations campaign that the mainstream Western media has been going along with, not a truth campaign.

Pope Francis says many things I like and that necessarily conform with my understanding of Christianity.


Tom Usher

He's against all the violence, he says. However, is he opposed to the "just war" theory? I am. He's also made clear that he believes a person of what he would call a "good" conscience, one who follows his or her conscience, even if that one is opposed to Christianity will still enter Heaven to be with Jesus Christ, who said the exact opposite.

If a person wants to believe all that Pope Francis is saying and doing, why call it Christian when it is clearly not? Start a new religion.

Is Roman Catholicism Christianity or not? Many people of other denominations say it is not. It's clear to me that Pope Francis is leading it in a syncretic direction, which is not a Christian thing to be doing.

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