Is Censoring My Replies On "Scott Lively: Obama is the Antichrist, his religion secular humanism"?

Is The Anschutz Corporation, Denver, Colorado, via its media subsidiary or affiliate, Clarity Digital Group, LLC (DBA:, publicly censoring me solely for my clearly articulated and supported Christian beliefs? It sure feels that way.

On October 3, 2013, I posted the following reply to a comment on Here's a link to the comment to which I was responding. Here's the reply I submitted (my second comment on that post):

Well, Matt Begley, you didn't disappoint me that you claim you are not a homosexual. You just sound exactly like the most rabid of the homosexual-fascist activists.

You are lacking in your education concerning libel and free speech. You supplied no evidence for your claim that Scott has conspired to commit mass murder, an extremely serious allegation on your part. Scott has, in fact, explained on his website and in articles elsewhere on the Internet that he did not encourage the death penalty for homosexuality. If you can show me where he's lied about that, then I'll take a different look at him.


Tom Usher

Your personal anecdotal evidence concerning homosexuality doesn't make it a wholesome endeavor. It doesn't make it free of the slippery-slope problem. You say they are being harmless, but that's because you take a shallow look. Homosexuality is fraught with grave risks, and it is a sin to mislead whole generations of youth into thinking otherwise. HIV is epidemic with male-on-male sex in the youth of the US despite all the sex education and "safe sex" talk. There's something clearly inherent within the homosexual mind that is causing the behavior. That's only the tip of the iceberg too.

" is a fact that those who are extremely outspoken against gays, especially to the point of crusading, most often turn out to be projecting upon others, the hatred they feel fo r themse lves." Well, even right there you admitted that you don't have any proof. You concluded emphatically that Scott is a closet homosexual while then stating that you believe "most" turn out to be (some don't, according to you), which is still unscientific. Regardless, it would be irrelevant.

You have a very flawed grasp of Christian theology. It's beyond the scope of a sole comment to set you straight on it all, but your entire approach claims enlightenment without consequences for errors. However, I know you know there are consequences. Therefore, you're openly confused, which helps explain your venomous defense of homosexuality: men sodomizing each other as a perfectly wholesome activity. Don't go into how not all homosexuals are males and not all male homosexuals sodomize each other. The exceptions among males are rare enough to make the rule.

"You and your ilk, such as lively, would deprive your fellow citizens of their rights, thus you are a traitor." Well, I took you for a homosexual. You've taken me for one outlawing homosexual behavior via the secular law. I haven't done that. I have simply said that homosexuality is a fundamental error and that people should not engage in it. It is true though that I subscribe to the definition of marriage as set down by Jesus Christ, who is vastly more reasonable, logical, empathetic, and just than are you.

Furthermore, the "rights" you ascribe to homosexuals are still being debated. Do pedophiles have rights? Many of them are clamoring for them. With the current political trajectory, how long will it be before there's someone like you arguing against someone like me concerning pedophilia? If you don't know that there is a huge hedonistic/anarchistic flow just below the surface of the homosexual movement, you're pretty ignorant and gullible/naive.

"If you wish to live in a theocratic world, join the Taliban." No, if I wish a Theocracy, which I do, I'll remain a Christian. If you wish to lock up theocrats, I hardly believe you'd fit in with the Founding Fathers. Besides, I'm not trying to get the secular state to morph into a theocracy. I'm only calling people to stop, turn, repent, and be healed, including of homosexuality, which is a mental, physical, and spiritual illness: error, confusion.

For a self-supposed rational thinker, you're not too bright concerning knowledge. You have no more proof that Socrates lived than I can supply you that Jesus lived, yet you likely believe and trust that Socrates lived and did most if not all of what has been attributed to him. You should study epistemology. Perhaps then you wouldn't be so arrogant.

I can also see that you've swallowed the Theosophical Kool-Aid (have you been watching too many Zeitgeist movies?), likely without knowing it since you're so anti-spirituality in general. If you bother to study the matter, you will discover that you have it backwards. The Christian religion came first. Then came the twisted pagan versions which don't conform with the real versions of the various pagan religions to which the stories have been attributed all in a stupid effort to sway people such as you into falsely thinking exactly what you alleged here. Chris White has done a great job debunking the false narrative you've swallowed.

If you want to believe that Jesus performed no miracles, that's up to you. If you choose to think that the Gospels were made up out of whole cloth to deceive, even though they are so opposed to lying and deception, again, that's up to you. To say that people should be locked up to undergo psychological evaluation because they do believe, well, that's just evil. That's you. You're not for freedom of religion. How's that for being a traitor to the US Constitution? You should spend more time looking in the mirror than attacking Scott.

Scott Lively: Obama is the Antichrist, his religion secular humanism - National Humanist |

On October 6, 2013, I resubmitted the comment changing only the following: having anal intercourse with each other as a perfectly wholesome activity. Don't go into how not all homosexuals are males and not all male homosexuals have anal sex with each other.

I did that, because I thought perhaps they set up their commenting system to filter for "sodom" and various iterations thereof. Nevertheless, my second attempted comment also went to moderation, which means to me that they've possibly changed their system so that all comments now go to moderation or they've singled me out.

I've been through this censoring thing on various sites so many times I can't recall. I'm not opposed to censorship. I censor, for instance, when other parties refuse to confront each issue specifically, even when asked to do so, or they appear to be resorting to spam- or troll-type comments. Troll-type commentary is most common.

My comment above meets nothing remotely meriting censorship that I can see. Most of the pro-homosexuality sites that censor me do so simply because the pro-homosexuality side there doesn't even come close to defeating the Christian arguments I put forth all within context. They don't want others seeing that. It's basic dishonesty. They do it to deceive.

Lest you think this happens only concerning homosexuality, I've been censored on many websites, large and small, famous and obscure, for being anti-war, anti-greed, anti-Zionist, and pro-Jesus Christ.

Update: October 9, 2013:

Well, I checked again, and my comment still hadn't been allowed. So, I simply posted a link to this post and tweeted, etc., that comment. "Censored for simply defending Christianity?"


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      I just tried to leave a comment on but it was not accepted. I wonder if it was due to the fact that I used the word "hypocrite", a very common adjective (hypocritical) used when describing liberals.

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