Republicans Do Not Understand Modern Economics or Are Simply For the Super-Rich

Look, I don't like Obamacare. I was, and still am, for Single-Payer, which for me would be a greatly enhanced version of Medicare for all. What I see the Republicans doing though with their refusal to raise the debt ceiling unless they get their way on Obamacare and the fiscal deficit is simply wicked.

They always, and I mean always, speak incorrectly about the fiscal deficit. The fiscal deficit is not, I repeat, is not, a problem right now at all. We are slowly climbing out of a deep and wide recession caused by deregulation, a mainly Republican led effort but with ignorant and foolish Democratic support at the time. The private sector is overly leveraged way beyond the governments debts. If the government stops spending, stops pumping what little money into the economy that it is, the private sector simply will not make up the difference. We will go into another recession.

The fact is that the government should be spending much more on productive projects. That would get us out of this hole and quickly and without inflation if done correctly.


Tom Usher

The real reason the Republicans (many of them in both houses of Congress) appear to be doing this is not because they understand economics but rather because they have an ideology that favors capitalistic monopolists over the egalitarianism of the masses, at least the masses who have not been duped by the likes of the Koch Brothers. Everything they seem to be about is designed to set up the poor and middle classes to be further enslaved by those who want a greater and greater share of the whole pie that will not be grown enough for those at the bottom, those who are not typically nearly as sociopathic, to have even enough. The Republicans want to create a dog-eat-dog economy where the most predatory, the most devouring, the most selfish, evil spirit will eat and eat and eat for itself and starve everyone else in low-wage slavery. They are not democrats (small-d). They are working for the plutocrats who are pulling the strings behind the scenes by spending their often ill-gotten gains in secret ways to strip the people of their democracy, limited as it may be.

Republicans shrug off debt ceiling as economic organizations plea for swift resolution - NY Daily News.

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