Syria, Assad, Chemical Weapons: "Grave Doubts," UN Officials, and more

Important info on Syria and chemical weapons use:

Much has been made of the trajectory of rockets that landed in Ghouta calculated by the UN. But the UN report stated:

'The time necessary to conduct a detailed survey ... as well as take samples was very limited. The sites [had] been well travelled by other individuals both before and during the investigation. Fragments and other possible evidence [had] clearly been handled/moved prior to the arrival of the investigation team.'

Robert Fisk noted that he could not recall seeing these words in any media analysis. He commented:


Tom Usher

' also has to be said that grave doubts are being expressed by the UN and other international organisations in Damascus that the sarin gas missiles were fired by Assad's army. While these international employees cannot be identified, some of them were in Damascus on 21 August and asked a series of questions to which no one has yet supplied an answer. Why, for example, would Syria wait until the UN inspectors were ensconced in Damascus on 18 August before using sarin gas little more than two days later – and only four miles from the hotel in which the UN had just checked in? Having thus presented the UN with evidence of the use of sarin – which the inspectors quickly acquired at the scene – the Assad regime, if guilty, would surely have realised that a military attack would be staged by Western nations'.

Source: Media Lens - Structural Inclinations - The Leaning Tower of Propaganda: Chemical Weapons Attacks In Ghouta, Syria

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, says Russia took samples from a previous attack and the substance and delivery system turned out to be "homemade," not Syrian Military grade.

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