The US Government Doesn't Have to Borrow a Dime From Anyone, Ever

Oh brother.

...Koch Industries accused Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, on Wednesday of spreading "false information" about the company by suggesting it was behind the move to tie a demand to keep the government open only if financing was eliminated for Mr. Obama's health care law.

"Koch believes that Obamacare will increase deficits, lead to an overall lowering of the standard of health care and raise taxes," Philip Ellender, the company's chief spokesman, wrote in a letter to senators. "However, Koch has not taken a position on the legislative tactic of tying the continuing resolution to defunding Obamacare, nor have we lobbied on legislative programs defunding Obamacare."
Other conservatives showed a new flexibility. Representative Mo Brooks, Republican of Alabama and a fierce critic of the health care law, came out of the meeting and said: "My primary focus is on minimizing risk of insolvency and bankruptcy. There are many paths you can take to get there.

"Socialized medicine is just one of the component parts of our debt and deficits that put us at financial risk. Are there paths that can be created that do not include socialized medicine?" he asked. "Yes."

Source: As Pressure Mounts, House G.O.P. Weighs Short-Term Debt Deal -


Tom Usher

This is all such a major waste all the way around. The most important thing here is that the US government doesn't have to borrow a dime from anyone, ever. The US Treasury can issue all the debt-free money we need. We don't have to pay bond holders a penny in order for our government to fund itself and our entire economy without any price inflation or deflation. This has been known for at least more than a century because Abraham Lincoln did just that to fund the Civil War! His issuance was a bit inflationary, but that hurdle can be easily overcome via modern computer technology.

Just look up United States Notes.

That we borrow to fund our government is simply a means of transferring via taxes the wages and salaries of poorer people to richer people behind the whole bond industry. Think banksters. It's a scheme.

It would be extremely easy to end, and doing so would be a hugely liberating benefit to humanity, us.

As for the Koch Brothers, they may not want to be front and center taking the heat for the stupid moves of the libertarians pushing the anti-government line right now, but too bad. They have been behind the entire movement for many, many years. They can't escape with the lines they are spewing right now.

And as for socialized medicine, anyone against socialized medicine is an extremist, a laissez-faire capitalists who wouldn't draw a consistent line concerning the US military, the local police, the local fire department, and the public sidewalks.

What do we want, to have to pay a user fee every time we walk to the corner grocery store? Some greedy morons would have us doing just that. No money to the troll on the sidewalk, no getting to the grocery. Starve you undeserving souls who believe it is best and right that we as human beings equally share the ownership of the public (that's publicly owned) sidewalks and roads, etc.

Let's not go the greedy way anymore. It's a mental deficiency. Even modern scientific studies have confirmed that the cooperative way is better than the competitive way.

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