Teenager Begs to Continue Conversion Therapy for His Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

This boy is right:

In his affidavit, the 15-year-old boy, going by the pseudonym John Doe, argues that his right to undergo conversion therapy is bound up in his religious freedom.

"No one has forced or coerced me to attend counseling with my therapist," he writes. "At the end of the day, I am the one who wants to continue treatment for my unwanted same-sex attractions."

John Doe says he first started to experience "Gender-Identity Disorder (G.I.D.) and Same-Sex Attraction" when he was around nine years old. "When I was 10, I started feeling like I wanted to commit suicide because I didn't like myself," he writes. "I thought I would like myself much better if I were a girl." When he was 12 or 13, he says, he started to experience "crushes," (quotes his) on men he saw in magazines.

"I hated myself because I wasn't as good as these guys," he writes. "These guys were muscular and athletic, and I knew I wasn't. I thought if I were a girl, I wouldn't have to compete with them anymore." Self-hatred caused panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, sleeplessness, and suicidal thoughts.

"My life was spinning out of control, and I was so depressed, I was thinking about killing myself around the clock," Doe adds. "My parents knew I was suicidal, so after my most extreme outburst to that point and when they found pictures of guys under my mattress, they took me to a new therapist."

His new therapist focused on his same-sex attractions, telling him they were "really the manifestation of underlying emotional issues and and childhood wounds that were caused by unmet needs I had as a child," Doe says. The therapist also told him that "fully recognizing [his] heterosexual potential" might be "a lifelong process."

"My religious belief and conviction is that homosexuality is wrong," Doe writes. "I wanted to address that value-conflict because my same-sex attractions are contrary to the religious values that I hold...I want to resolve my sexual attractions so that I act in conformity with my religious beliefs." With the new therapist, "I can really say I am improving. I now have a normal "guy" voice, I don't shave my body hair anymore, and I definitely have a better relationship with my father. I do not have thoughts of suicide anymore and my confidence as a guy is starting to build."

In NJ Conversion Therapy Lawsuit, A Teenage Boy Begs To Continue Counseling for His "Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions"


Tom Usher

And then there are the boys who have been homosexually raped and have had that homosexuality imprinted on them where they used to be heterosexually oriented. These idiotic anti-conversion laws strip such boys (and girls who are suffering with unwanted same-sex attraction) of their humanity. The evil laws are designed to leave such children stranded until they are adults if they make it that far. They are written by panicky homosexual activists and their equally confused supporters out to get their confusion sanctioned by law and all opposition to it banned under threats of punishment and imprisonment and perhaps worse, much worse, if the homosexual fascists, and they are fascistic in their legal dealings, get their way.

The homosexual fascists are dead set against the Free Exercise of Religion that is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution. The very first rights enumerated in that document concern religious freedom. That was intentional to make religious rights as elevated as possible. They knew the history of religious persecution. They attempted to force a balancing where the state would not force any particular religion on the people nor prevent the people from adopting the religion of their choice.

Of course there were restraints upon religious exercise where grave harms could occur, but the 15-year-old boy quoted above by pursuing his dreams of being free from the same-sex attraction that he does not want and can be rid of, will cause no grave harm to anyone thereby, quite the contrary, as his testimony so far clearly shows. His life was improving greatly until New Jersey, in it's infinite ignorance and homosexual selfishness, banned him from continuing. No one was being harmed at all by his therapy, only helped.

Now come the homosexual activists hellbent on ripping that religious freedom out of the Constitution without any legal amending process whatsoever but simply by confused, activists courts taking it upon themselves ("judges") to bend the rights to put homosexuality at the top of all rights to the point of supporting laws outlawing the freedom of speech and the press and religion in opposition to homosexuality and regardless of all the scientific and medical and psychological proof that homosexuality in the aggregate and despite "affirmation" is a very dangerous thing, a very harmful vector and disease state.

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