"The slippery slope is real." What same-sex marriage did to Massachusetts - YouTube

"The slippery slope is real." I've been saying that it's the slippery slope. Most people just want to ignore it because, I suspect, they want it. They want the slide into what they falsely believe is liberty. Mark my words. What it is, is enslavement.


Tom Usher

Society will have more, not less, pain and suffering on account of the trend that began with "acceptance" of homosexuality as wholesome. It's not wholesome. It's fraught with dangers and harm.

Just look at where the licensing is leading. Decadence: decay. It is insane not to recognize the harm but just call for much greater tax spending to try to fight the symptoms of the disease.

The disease will out morph your tax spending. There's a metaphysical/spiritual aspect to it that you won't be able to outrun, ever.

What same-sex marriage did to Massachusetts - YouTube

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