On: "The Economics of Abundance"

This is fairly in line with what I've written.


Tom Usher

As the march of the robots continues, society and big business may become so rich and unemployment and labour displacement may grow so great that basic income policies — redistribution policies ensuring a minimal income level for all citizens — become inevitable to support the displaced masses who have been driven out of work by automation, and to support demand in the economy. In the most advanced economies today such as Switzerland, there are already such proposals. Ultimately, such policies are not necessarily such a great shift from the redistributive welfare systems of today. The difference, of course, is that the welfare nets of today are set up to incentivise work, and keep a workforce fit for manual work. The welfare nets of a superabundant future in which automation has displaced most labour will need to be designed to give people the resources and skills to live a fulfilling life in a world where their manual labour may not be needed.

Source: The Economics of Abundance

Will humanity develop the ethics to share such that all are well provided? I say it will.

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