Saint Karl Marx?

No, Karl Marx was no saint, but he wasn't wrong about everything. In fact, much of his position was ripped right from the pages of the New Testament.

Saint Karl Marx?

He had once been a devout Christian. Perhaps the hypocrisy of many self-styled Christians in high places within what was passed off as the religion caused him to rebel so ardently against even Jesus.

Anyway, this article, written by dyed in the wool Marxists, is worth reading: Five years after the economic meltdown: Riches for some, poverty for the rest | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal.

It's too bad more Christians aren't writing and preaching against the evil that is capitalism with as much fervor.

Yes, I said that capitalism, per se, is evil. The true Christian spirit is the spirit of giving and sharing, as the New Testament makes perfectly clear, whether Marx or anyone else saw it or not.

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