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To the Editor:

Recently, I learned that the Earth's temperature has remained basically unchanged since 1997. I theorized that this was bogus information from hysterical anti-global-warming extremists, but the figures came from the same sources used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to develop its models, which drive efforts around the world to reduce greenhouse gases.

In your Sept. 28 article about IPCC's report, we read that the panel believes anthropogenic global warming is "extremely likely," upgraded from "very likely" in its 2007 report. That's odd — if their own data show temperatures flat despite the steady increase in greenhouse gases, why are they even more confident that their data are correct?

Source: Letter: Party Line on Global Warming | Valley News


Tom Usher

Hello? If you start counting at 1997, then you can tell people there's no anthropogenic global warming and they'll possibly swallow it if they don't check on what's really going on: Warmest years.

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