Tom's Take On: "Russell Brand on revolution: 'We no longer have the luxury of tradition'"

Well, Russell Brand has managed to raise quite a stir for a little season. Read Russell's article here [Warning: Sadly, Russell resorts to profanity]: Russell Brand on revolution: "We no longer have the luxury of tradition".Tom's Take On: "Russell Brand on revolution: 'We no longer have the luxury of tradition'"

My take is that Russell Brand is an anti-representative democracy, Hindu, socialist. I say "anti-representative democracy" because he lacks a vision of what government would be after the revolution he does envision.

I, by contrast, am a consensus, democratic-socialist (non-Marxist), Christian. A consensus democratic-socialist is non-coercive.

Like Russell, I do not vote. I fully agree with him that the system is fatally rigged (my word "rigged" but clearly implied from Russell's words in my view). In other words, humanity must start from scratch framing a unifying world ideology.

What I can't say at this point, can't say because I have only been exposed to Russell's thinking four times, is just how much Russell knows about Jesus Christ and, therefore, Christianity proper. At this point, I suspect he knows a New Age version, which versions are inherently always wrong. I would be surprised if he has read even one of the four canonical Gospels for instance, let alone studied what is widely currently viewed as orthodox Christianity.


Tom Usher

That Russell wants us to not destroy the planet but to care for it and each other is good. The idea (is it his view?) that the teachings of Jesus Christ have outlived their usefulness, however, is wrong. He clearly has a problem with current "organized" religions/denominations calling themselves "Christian." That's fine. So do I. If he is, however, suggesting that dissolving the differences between them and coalescing around the actual words of Jesus Christ is somehow passé, then his path and mine diverge there and forever.

New Age syncretism is definitely not the right path.

If Russell Brand has given it any thought or not, I can't say; but, he may not like Jesus's teachings because were he to adhere to them, he would no longer have the imagined luxury of being a womanizer, to use his word about himself, which I believe he did not use simply as a joke.

So, I see Russell calling to others to follow him on a better path but that he doesn't want to get on the best path rather than falling short.

I believe Jesus about the Strait and Narrow. I trust him. Russell does not.

Nevertheless, may God bless him. Hopefully, Russell can accept it.

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