NSA's MUSCULAR Sucks Down All Cloud Content of Google, Yahoo, etc.

"We have to rethink our notions of identity and secrecy. In the digital world, data is everywhere," he [David Petraeus when he was still CIA Director] said. "Data is created constantly, often unknowingly and without permission." "Every byte left behind reveals information about location, habits, and, by extrapolation, intent, and probable behavior."


Tom Usher

What he meant was mind reading/anticipating (pre-"crime"), even so-called thought crimes in the eyes of Big Brother.

For the MUSCULAR project, the GCHQ directs all intake into a 'buffer' that can hold three to five days of traffic before recycling storage space. From the buffer, custom-built NSA tools unpack and decode the special data formats that the two companies use inside their clouds. Then the data are sent through a series of filters to 'select' information the NSA wants and 'defeat' what it does not.

That's what I said long before Snowden revealed anything. They check it all and save everything (all the content) they want. Many people have good reason to believe that there is a backup of everything before anything is deleted such that MUSCULAR is simply a frontline filter and not the sole tool before any permanent, complete deletion from all governmental data-storage.

Wolf Richter: NSA's "MUSCULAR" Secretly Breaks Into The Cloud Of US Tech Companies, Siphons Off Data, Fouls Up Revenues Overseas « naked capitalism.

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